Anita Ko Leaf White Gold Diamond Pendant

        A fresh new presence in the elitist world of the contemporary fashion industry, Anita Ko is a trademark, created in 2006, by an audacious young designer with the same name, who followed her dream of creating amazing new jewelry lines, characterized by contemporary elegance timeless beauty, refinement and a strong feminine individuality.

        She started her career, as a handbags designer, and her creations have always been praised for the fine choice of materials, combination of shapes and textures and for their sheer luxury, sophistication and top-class meticulous finish.

        However, an enthusiast fan of this designer, will surely know that Anita Ko released in 2006 Los Angeles, her very first jewelry collection and ever since she never ceased to astound its impassionate clientele with remarkable new lines, defined by glamour, exuberance and impassionate creativity.

        The preferred jeweler of many sophisticated celebrities of the day, like Demi Moore Cameron Diaz, or Rihanna, Anita Ko, never forgot the needs of the contemporary normal women, who also seek to express their femininity and flamboyant personality.

        However, although the skilled designer is famous for its audacious, exotic accessories, recently, Anita Ko launched one of her few classical lines, and the beautiful Anita Ko Leaf 18-karat White Gold Diamond Pendant we are going to present to you in the following article is the perfect expression of Ko’s mastery in a more traditional area of jewelry design.

        A dazzling creation, the superb Anita Ko Leaf 18-karat White Gold Diamond Pendant, was nicely sculpted from 18-karat white gold, and it features a beautiful leaf-shaped black rhodium-plated pendant, which demonstrates a nicely polished finish, and which features the luxurious decoration of white diamonds, with an approximate weight of 1.19 karats. Moreover, the elegant leaf-shaped pendant intercalates the rows of white diamonds with elegant black diamond strings, with a total weight of 1.41 karats.

        Moreover, the glamorous leaf-shaped pendant is attached to a lady’s delicate neck with a chain-type white gold necklace, with clasp fastening, and surely will nicely accent a cleavage.

        Especially designed to enhance the charm of a modern woman, the sophisticated Anita Ko Leaf 14-karat White Gold Diamond Pendant, is bound to confer a plus of femininity and elegance o any outfit, and a price tag around $12,500 is a fair one to pay for this amazing jewelry.

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