Anita Ko White Gold Diamond Earrings

        A flamboyant new presence in the elitist world of the day’s Haute Couture, Anita Ko is the trademark of a famous designer, Anita Ko, an ambitious visionary woman, who launched her very firs jewelry collection in Los Angeles, 2006, and ever since, never ceased to impress her clientele with amazing new models, characterized by authenticity and glamour.

        However, she started her career as a handbags designer, and in this field, she outshined many top-class fashion houses, with an eye-catching interplay of hues and textures and, through using luxurious materials.

        An impassionate fan of the designer, will surely know that Anita Ko designed impressive accessories, for some of the best known actresses and singers of the day, high-profile charismatic women such as Rihanna, Demi Moor, Jessica Simpson or Cameron Diaz.

        Recently, Anita Ko presented her amazing Good vs. Evil Jewelry Line, which comprises many pieces, defined by unmatched elegance, refinement and distinction, and the dazzling new Anita Ko 18-karat White Gold Diamond Earrings we are going to present to you in the following article are maybe the best example of the designer’s mastery.

        The wing-shaped earrings are sculpted from 18-karat white gold, and they were entirely paved with glittering white diamonds, which would surely seduce any fashionable woman of the 21st century.

        Moreover, this amazing pair of wings was fitted with a butterfly-type fastening and it is bound to bring a plus of a plus of style and refinement to any outfit.

         Although the superb Anita Ko 18-karat White Gold Diamond Earrings, fit into a more conservatory trend, lacking the exuberance and the exotic appeal of the first creation of the designer, this piece will surely make a fine choice, suited for a sensible romantic woman, keen of luxurious designer jewelries.

        Furthermore, the remarkable Anita Ko 18-karat White Gold Diamond Earrings measure about an inch, and can be worn with a stylish, winged necklace or a fabulous ring created by Anita Ko in the same style.

        All in all a perfect expression of femininity and contemporary luxury, the eye-catching Anita Ko 18-karat White Gold Diamond Earrings will be available for a rather exclusive price tag of approximately $ 5,750.00.

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