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Smart ways to match your jewellery to your outfit

  Matching jewellery with your outfit is not always something easily manageable. In fact, many women fail with success when it comes to matching these pieces. But with a little guidance, we can all achieve the perfect look with little …

Should you buy a diamond ring for yourself?

Women simply love diamonds, and they want to wear them every day. If you are an elegant woman, then you know that it is no better accessory than a diamond ring, it is simple but fancy and it adds a …

Selling your watch the fast way – useful tips

Managing to find a potential buyer for a watch that is quite expensive is anything but easy. Regardless on how many classifieds websites you might post the item on, if the amount you are selling it is more than average, …

Get that hard core look you desire with some daring accessories  

    If you are willing to emphasize your style you should take into account adding some accessories to your daily outfit. If you are a fashion lover, accessorizing shouldn’t be a hard task to fulfil. Nowadays, the boldest looking …

Accessorizing the holiday outfit with ribbons

Whenever there is an important holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you know your home will be filled with all your dearest family members and relatives. So, apart from adequately decorating your home, you have to think of how you will …

The ribbon jewelry trend

The rising price of gold and silver has influenced jewelry making, because women have started to look for cheaper alternatives and top manufacturers have responded by focusing on using more affordable materials without compromising quality. This is one of the …

Simple yet amazing bridal accessories

For each bride, finding the perfect dress is a real struggle. Some women have no idea how their dress have to look like, which is why they have to try on as many as possible in order to decide, while …

Shaun Leane’s Diamond Stacking Rings

What do you think about Shaun Leane’s diamond stacking rings? Do you think that you would feel comfortable while having them on your fingers or you would rather want to try something less expensive? For both cases, take a look and see how they really are!

Park lane jewelry: ivy bracelet

If you are looking for something new, fashionable, elegant and extremely beautiful, Park lane jewelry: ivy bracelet could be exactly what you are looking for! It is suitable for almost every occasion and this investment would offer you advantages for a long period of time!

Rings for Men

Men may find that they are able to accentuate and enhance current ensembles easily with some simple accessory items that they may have in their wardrobes. Others may find that they have overlooked buying pieces such as jewelry, which can …

The Mandala necklace by Ling Woo

How often have you thought of buying a beautiful jewelry to complete your collection, named The Mandala necklace by Ling Woo? You have the chance to think about it once again, because we have found out some great details about this masterpiece!

Balmain’s crystal earrings

Do you think that some Balmain’s crystal earrings would make you feel more beautiful and special and would turn away the sadness in your life? If yes, buy them and get ready to improve your appearance and attitude! It is time for a change and you should start with your earrings!

Bulgari’s vintage collar necklace

If you are looking for a present or you just want to make a new acquisition for you but have no idea what to choose, we suggest you to look at Bulgari’s vintage collar necklace and get more information about it below! It is both elegant, modern and joyful!

Stylish Wedding Rings

When you decide to get married, you and your future spouse face many important decisions while preparing for the wedding. One important choice you both should make involves your wedding ring styles, especially since you will be wearing them for …

Bulgari Serpenti Bracelet in Pink Gold

Since 2013 is the Year of the Snake in Chinese culture, you may want to represent that by wearing the Bulgari Serpenti Bracelet in Pink Gold with Rubelite and Diamonds, which would make a great addition to the wardrobe of brunette women with olive-toned skin and dark hair which are complimented by the crude pink of the Rubelite.

Feather Earrings

Feather earrings are a trend that has come back, so it is essential we learn once more how to wear them and what clothes to match for them; for example, they are generally casual accessories, but peacock feather earrings can easily be matched with elegant outfits in similar colors, like silk dresses or chiffon blouses.

How to Wear Statement Earrings

If you are interested in purchasing and wearing statement earrings, you need to know that there are a few rules to wearing them and pairing them with other accessories, because they have a lot of attitude; therefore, you must downplay other elements of your aspect, like wearing your hair back and not wearing a necklace or scarf.

Judith Jack Collar Necklace

If you are looking for serpent-like jewelry you are in luck, because it is very popular this year and many important designers are using the snake as a symbol and leitmotif in their collections; we recommend the Judith Jack Collar Necklace, a daring and dramatic piece of jewelry made from yellow gold with sterling silver, marcasite, dark crystals and black obsidian.

Sidney Garber Pearl Diamond and Ruby Snake Earrings

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that is fashionable and modern, yet borrows from classic and elegant shapes, the Sidney Garber Pearl Diamond and Ruby Snake Earrings should be to your taste; they are exquisite jewelry fit for elegant events and outfits which will draw all eyes on you and make you feel special and precious.

The mythical beauty of amber rings

Gemstones have been used since days of yore, their ever-lasting charm resisting the test of time like no other trend or fashion tendency. If a clothing style can come and go, gemstone jewellery will always have a special place in …

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