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Boucheron Exquises Confidences Drop Earrings

        Made of yellow gold, the Exquises Confidences Drop Earrings are embellished with rubies, rubellites, 14 carats pompom amethyst and of course, Boucheron’s sweet obsession, diamonds. The yellow gold used in crafting the Exquises Confidences Drop Earrings weights 41,10 grams and, as expected, the price is not very low.

Chanel Camelia Baroque Necklace

        The Chanel Camélia Baroque Necklace is a proof of the quote mentioned above and even though its simplicity is obvious, this necklace is definitely eye-catching. Consisting of five chains becoming smaller and smaller as they reach the neck, the necklace is meant to bring joy and color to the person wearing it. The Chanel Camélia Baroque Necklace is just another proof that genius combined with fine taste and fashion sense can result into exquisite jewelry.

Dior Reines et Rois

        The collection ‘Reines et Rois’ gathers pendants representing kings and rings representing their queens, built around skulls that smile seductively and joyful to one another, covered in diamonds, pearls and other precious stones.
The collection could have easily passed from gorgeous and extravagant to kitsch or even ridiculous but, considering the fact that the person behind this work of art is Victoire de Castellane, the collection was nothing but a great success.

Boucheron Louise Jewelry Set

        Named after Louise, a dancer at the Moulin Rouge, also known as “The Glutton” as the famous painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec called her because of the habbit she had, the Boucheron Louise Set is an astonishing explosion of color and taste. Belonging to the Gaieté Parisienne Collection launched at the beginning of 2009, the Boucheron Louise Set is just one of the seven sets forming the spectacular show and for sure, one of the most precious.

Chanel Perles et Rubans Necklace

        Even though know for her suits, the amazingly elegant “little black dress” or the pea jackets, Coco Chanel also created costume jewelry and perfumes. Just as expected, the pieces of jewelry she created were elegant, classy, fashionable, elegant and immortal. One such piece is the “Perles et Rubans” necklace. The impressive number of veritable pearls used in manufacturing this beautiful necklace is of 279, each having a diameter of 8 to 10.5 mm.

Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings

        The fluidity and the sensuality of the Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings is what would make every woman yearn to have them. These earrings are another proof of the immense devotion that the House of Boucheron has for satisfying even the most pretentious customer. Just by looking at the Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings you may observe their faultless execution, customary for the House of Boucheron.

Dior Milly Carnivora Collection

        The ‘Milly Carnivora’ collection gathers several pieces of art, such as: the Ancolia rings and earrings, the Mangatus Orange Réglisse rings, the Mangatus Pistache Fraise rings, the Epinosa Diamants rings and earrings, the Epinosa Verte rings and earrings, the Egratigna Angélique rings and earrings, the Egratigna Chipie rings and earrings and the Poisonus rings and earrings, all having the same theme and representing an explosion of color that brings joy only by looking at it.

Cartier Solitaire Ballerine Series

        The Solitaire Ballerine Series brings the grace and elegance a ballerina has. Having flexible and harmonious lines, this Cartier engagement ring is the embodiment of femininity, a masterpiece able to express true, forever lasting love without having to use words. The Cartier Solitaire Ballerine Series represents a proof of skill when it comes to mastering harmonious well-proportioned designs. Every diamond is carefully examined for visible inclusions, symmetry and brilliance in order for every ring to be perfect.

Chanel Camélia Earrings

        The Chanel Camélia Earrings are a proof of the quote mentioned above and even though their simplicity is obvious, these earrings are definitely eye-catching. The Camélia flower is what inspired Coco Chanel into creating this unique and exquisite piece of art and as Camélia was her favorite flower, it also became more like a signature of the House of Chanel.

Boucheron Delilah Necklace

        The Delilah Necklace is entirely made of yellow gold and it ends with a precious diamond rain. The 116 round diamonds have 3.07 carats and the gold used in creating the Delilah Necklace wights an impressive 206 grams. Its fluidity of the Delilah Necklace and the creativity and passion invested in materializing this masterpiece build together a timeless elegant jewelry meant to underline femininity and the endless possibilities in which gold can be used.

Gourmette de Dior

        The “Gourmette de Dior” ring, along with the necklaces, bracelets or earrings come in two different versions: one in 18k white gold and one in 18k yellow gold. Depending on the item, the pieces of jewelry are also embellished with diamonds and other decorative materials. The latest “Gourmette de Dior” line gathers beautiful, luxurious, elegant and sensual pieces of art.

Cartier Honeymoon Series

        The ‘Honeymoon’ series comes in two different versions: one made of white gold and the other made of platinum. The two items belonging to the ‘Honeymoon’ series also have different diamonds: one featuring a caratage between 1 and 1.60 cts and the other one having a caratage available from 0.50 to 1.10 cts. The amazing ‘Honeymoon’ ring was, as the shape also suggests, inspired by the different phases of the moon.

Chanel Coco Ring

        The Coco Ring is the perfect embodiment what the personality of Coco Chanel. A spectacle of colors combined in great taste that is meant to bring to the beholder the joy of life she always had. A piece of art that proves wrong to those that may think complexity is what jewelry needs in order to become beautiful. The Coco Ring features a simple design combined with the modern oversized stones.

Boucheron Tentation Macaron Series

        The Tentation Macaron ring can come either in a white gold set embellished with amethist , pink sapphires and rubies, tsavorites or brown diamonds and garnets or in a yellow gold set in which case the ring is embellished with matching orange sapphires. The Tentation Macaron earrings have a white gold set, are embellished with amethysts, tsavorites, pink sapphires and emeralds.

Dior Bracelet Fiancée du Vampire

        “Fiancée du Vampire”, the astonishing and meticulously manufactured bracelet, is a rose that perfectly dresses the wrist, embellished with diamonds and precious sapphires. What makes the bracelet so similar to a rose are the small leaves made of diamonds and the red rose bud made of sapphire. The color of the bud offers a certain air of mystery and sobriety, some sort of evil beauty that just makes it irresistible.

Cartier Déclaration Ring

        Made of pure platinum, ‘Déclaration’ emanates femininity and at the same time strength, given by the grandiose, stunning diamond. Simplicity is what characterizes this ring and Cartier, once again, proves deserving all the fame and love it has gained over the years. Romance and true feelings gathered in an easy way of expressing them, even for those more realistic individuals, the ‘Déclaration’ ring.

Chanel Haute Jewellery Brooch

        The Haute Joaillerie Brooch is the one of the most stunning and eye-catching objects joining the collection. Launched in 2008, this splendid wonder of blue and silvery shades proves complex, creative and technical design.
The Haute Joaillerie Brooch is embellished with one of the most rare and precious stones in the world. The Paraiba tourmaline was discovered in 1989 and since then, every respected brand is using it.

Boucheron Trouble Ring

        Screaming simplicity, elegance and attitude, the Boucheron Trouble Ring embodies two serpents fighting for a black jade bead. Force and aggression have never been put together with elegance and beauty in such a beautiful way as in the case of the Boucheron Trouble Ring. The Boucheron Trouble Ring is made of 18 carats yellow gold and the two snakes are embellished with diamonds and black enamel.

Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection

        Victoire de Castellane, the designer that managed to give an air of freshness to the House of Dior, known for the way in which she joggles with simplicity, color, shape or size, has caught again the public’s attention by launching the latest Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection. The obvious love for color and joy that Victoire de Castellane has proven is also present in the latest Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection.

Cartier Solitaire 1895

       Designed in 1895, the ‘Solitaire 1895’ is one of the most famous bridal rings ever created by Cartier. This amazing masterpiece was the first ring in which platinum was used along with diamonds and this is why, ‘Solitaire 1895’ became an immortal classic and a source of inspiration in creating bridal jewelry. The elegance of the lines is unique and the refined and light setting allows the light of the diamond to flow freely.

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