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Chanel Comète Necklace

        The amazing “Comète” necklace is nothing but breath taking, an exquisite show in which diamonds and inspiration can turn any woman into a glowing star. The massive amount of diamonds set on a precious white gold setting boasting 18 carats.
“Comète”, just as the name suggests, is inspired by the eternal universe brought in comparison whit the “timeless and eternally modern” of Coco Chanel’s creations. The necklace is set on a massive and beautiful white gold setting that allows the beholder to wear it around the neck without it being an actual chain.

Boucheron Julia Necklace

        The Boucheron Julia Necklace is a part of the High Jewelry collection and is designed by Mark Newson. The amazing designer known for the diversity of his work: designing aircrafts, clothes or furniture, is also a talented jewelry designer. All his works have only one thing in common, a design style also known as biomorphism defined by transparency, simple lines and no sharp edges.

Dior Précieuses Rose Collier

        The star of the ‘Bois de Rose’ collection is without doubt, the ‘Précieuses Rose’ Collier. The name perfectly defines its aspect and the precious stones used in manufacturing it make the collier even more precious.
The white gold that gives the collier an air of elegance and purity, roses made of pink sapphires symbolizing love, green leaves made of emeralds and diamonds, come together into a precious work of art emanating femininity and elegance.

Cartier Leve Series

        The ‘Leve’ series emanates an air of masculinity combined with style and displays a great deal of freshness that would fit almost every man. The big size ‘Leve’ series for men has fresh simple lines and the widely known, exquisite and unique aesthetic of the House of Cartier. Art Deco, a concept often used by Cartier, also dominates the ‘Leve’ series.

Chanel San Marco Bracelet

        The heart-warming colors of the precious stones used in creating this amazing bracelet, state once again the love that Coco Chanel had for simplicity. The main attraction of the San Marco Bracelet, are the eye-catching colors that give a touch of sensuality combined with precious and luxurious elegance. The sapphires bring romanticism into the amazing look of the bracelet and the emeralds give it an air of fairytale so familiar to Mademoiselle Chanel.

Christian Dior Oui Ring

        The rings belonging to the ‘Oui’ collection come not only in two versions of gold but also in several versions when it comes to the type of stone used. In order to give a more joyful air to the collection, Victoire de Castellane decided to let the buyer choose either a normal diamond or colorful stones: ‘My ‘oui’ ring, in gold script handwriting, is now set with coloured stones. I want jewellery to be extravagant, colorful, fanciful, feminine and sometimes childlike.’

Cartier Trinity Ring

        A perfect example of successfully combining various shades of gold is the now mythical ‘Trinity’ ring. The world’s most famous ring, the ‘Trinity’ ring, is a beautiful symbol of love, friendship and loyalty, the most pure and honest emotions of this world.

Cartier Tank Ring

        The ‘Tank’ ring, one of the most desired rings ever created by Cartier, has gained the admiration of all jewelry lovers with its simplicity and the refinement it emanates. The pure simplicity of the ring comes in perfect contrast with the big stone that can either be amethyst, aquamarine, citrine or moonstone. The Cartier jewelry lines have long tuned to be legendary and a lot of the pieces created by the worldwide known brand have become even mythical.

Chanel San Marco Brooch

        The stunning San Marco Brooch inspired by Venice and the cross of Malta is not only an amazing accessory characterized by elegance and refinement but also a delightful embodiment of Mademoiselle Chanel’s impressive creativity and boldness. he colorful an ingenious combination of gemstones meant to imitate the cross of Malta is what makes the brooch eye-catching.

Dior Pink Shell Ring

        The ‘Pink Shell’ ring underlines once again the creativity and fascination to detail that Victoire de Castellane is capable of. The joyful colored diamonds and the violet sapphires, fitting the exterior color of the ring, are perfect for a woman in reach of romantic accessory.

Cartier Love Bracelet

        The Cartier Love Bracelet, one of the most famous pieces created by Cartier was first launched in 1969 and was inspired by the famous chastity belts. Even Though the Love Charity Bracelet was launched years ago, the purpose of the campaign and the screw motif keeps on improving and still captivates the audience.

Dior Diorette collection

        Another amazing collection is the latest Dior Diorette collection that, even though it doesn’t mach every outfit, it sure does match the latest trends. Rings are a must, they never go out of fashion and in order to complete a perfect look, every woman should wear one. The Dior Diorette collection has managed not only to pass from stunning to sublime but also to use color along with other items such as daisies or ladybugs in a way in which they became ageless.

Piaget Necklace

       The Magic Gardens of Piaget Necklace is just one of the various mind blowing jewels Piaget offers to its public. Member of the Magic Gardens of Piaget collection, this elegant and refined piece of jewellery is a versatile item which …

Tiffany Diamond Ring

This Important Tiffany Diamond Ring is one of the reasons Tiffany is and has always been so successful. Their talent to design great looking accessories and jewelley for every pocket, putting in their work a proportional amount of expertise and …

Piaget Jackie Limelight Paris – New York Ring

     The Limelight Paris-New York Ring is part of the Limelight collection, which was launched during the 1990’s, and which was tremendously successful from its very first days. The Paris-New York pieces which populate this collection pay a well deserved homage to couture and old school American beauty altogether.

Tiffany Pink Spinel Ring

      Tiffany Pink Spinel Ring were fitted with an equivalent ruby (9.94 carats), this jewellery would have been practically impossible to buy, or too expensive, for that matter, for more than 99% of the planet’s population. Since Tiffany aims at offering superb jewellery to as many as possible, thriving on the idea that each and every..

Piaget Limelight Moonstone Party Ring

        If you want to be the heart of the party or just a classy owner of an elegant and refined piece of jewellery, the Piaget Limelight Party Ring is what you have to put on the number one position on …

Tiffany Green Tourmaline Pendant

         The Tiffany Green Tourmaline Pendant is part of the Statement Jewelery Collection, together with other exceptional pieces. Its mesmerizing tourmaline boasts a unique and deep hue, with precious tones and a magnificent cut to value them at their best. …

Piaget Miss Protocole Ring

        Glamorous and chic, with a totally slick design and fancy looks, the Piaget Miss Protocole ring is sure to steal the show. Created in several different interpretations, most of which are set in 18 K white gold, the Miss Protocole …

Tiffany Kunzite and Diamond Bow Brooch

        The amazing Tiffany Kunzite and diamond Bow Brooch makes a great gift for the holidays, an anniversary, or any other day of the year that you want to celebrate, or reminisce about as being a special day of one’s life. …

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