Accessorizing the holiday outfit with ribbons

Whenever there is an important holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you know your home will be filled with all your dearest family members and relatives. So, apart from adequately decorating your home, you have to think of how you will appear in front of them. You need just the right holiday outfit. Of course, don’t think that you will have to dress up like Santa Clause just so you can say that you can be appropriate for the event. There are ways, simple ones for that matter, through which you could change a regular outfit into one that is fit for a holiday. Here are some of those ways you might even be interested in trying. Before revealing them, be prepared with simple or patterned Christmas ribbons or bows fit for other holidays. Think of them as your jewelleries and you will understand how to properly accessorize your holiday outfits.

Ribbons in your hair

There is nothing more suitable to celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving than a colourful ribbon strategically placed on one side in your hair. If you are going to wear the traditional reindeer sweater, then a beautiful red, simple ribbon will do just fine. As far as the size is concerned, this is one decision that is entirely yours. It is true that this isn’t much of a jewellery piece, but at the same time, not all accessories have to sparkle.


Festive ribbon broach

This is something all chic women, with a fine taste for jewellery should have. When celebrating family, annual holidays, you need a lovely looking broach. You need something that will give any outfit the holiday spirit. There are two ways of handling this task. You could either have the simple safety pin ribbon broach or you could take things to another level and choose a lovely piece of jewellery and have a small bow applied to it.


The holiday bracelet

There is noting like a lovely bracelet to bring out the delicate wrist of a woman’s hand. A simple bracelet or perhaps one filled with stones, the effect will be the same whichever it is you decide to wear. Still, to give it that festive look, why not consider applying a ribbon? This way, you will accessories your outfit in the adequate, appropriate manner, celebrating the holiday in your own stylish way.


These are three very simple ways in which you could easily turn any outfit into a festive one. The fun thing about accessories used to decorate an outfit is that they can be made according to your style and wishes. So what’s keeping you from styling up some jewelleries?

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