Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings

        More than 150 years of grace and exquisite craftsmanship is what managed to propel Boucheron to what it is today: a brand defined by elegance, creativity and timeless designs.

        Founded by Frederic Boucheron in 1858, the company has grown to be a symbol of elegance appreciated not only by connoisseurs but also by any jewelry lover. Masterpieces such as the Boucheron Trouble Ring or the exquisite Julia necklace created in cooperation with Mark Newson are the living proof of what creativity, passion and patience can give birth to.

        Boucheron’s passion for diamonds can be deducted from any piece of jewelry launched by the brand and the most significant themes are those inspired by animals or the beautiful and mysterious Orient.

        The Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings are the living poof of the Parisian air of 1900. Looking like a piece of restored pair of earrings created in 1858 when Frederic Boucheron launched his business, the Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings manage to embody and transmit the brand’s message: timeless elegance.

        The fluidity and the sensuality of the Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings is what would make every woman yearn to have them. These earrings are another proof of the immense devotion that the House of Boucheron has for satisfying even the most pretentious customer. Just by looking at the Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings you may observe their faultless execution, customary for the House of Boucheron.

        The immensely beautiful Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings are available in five different versions. Depending on taste and of course price, you can acquire them either with sapphires, opals, corals, emeralds or diamonds.

        The emerald version of the Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings is set on black gold weighting 12,6 grams and is embellished with an impressive number of 152 rounded emeralds weighting 2,41 carats. The other 16 drop emeralds, 8 on each earring, are weighting an impressive 6,35 carats and perfectly match the oriental air of the earrings.

        As expected, because of the high quality of the precious stones used, the elegant design and the extraordinary execution, the prices of the Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings can be pretty high. The emerald version can reach a price of 39.000 and the diamond version 40.000 euros. Both versions come with matching necklaces that can be acquired for 24.600 euros.

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