Boucheron Eternelle Grace Wedding Band

        Founded in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron, the House of Boucheron is one of the most prestigious jewelry, watch and perfume producers on the market. Know for the immense love for quality and diamonds, the House of Boucheron managed to convince the world that art has no price and that when it comes to love, the only thing that can equal its beauty, are diamonds.

        Even though the first products of the brand were launched in 1858, the worldwide recognition came after four generation. After great struggle and devotion, the House of Boucheron can today proud itself with having a number of 34 boutiques in almost every important city of the world such as: London, Paris, San Francisco, Cannes, Tokyo, Saint-Tropez, Monaco, Hong Kong, Osaka, Hiroshima, Okayama, Nagoya, Taipei, Seoul, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Baku, Moscow, and Almaty.

        No one should put a price on love and even though the brides’ line created by Boucheron is not really affordable it’s definitely worth it. The unbelievable experience that marriage is and the happiness that comes with it should definitely be marked by an item as precious as the unique event and what better if not the Boucheron Eternelle Grace Wedding Band.

        The royal air of the Boucheron Eternelle Grace Wedding Band will make any woman feel like a princess, like wearing a tiara and if combined with what it symbolizes, a beautiful life commitment to the one you love, the result will be bringing tears of happiness to her eyes.

        This refined symphony of emotions is a perfect mixture of white and pink gold and the never-failing diamonds. The simple design consisting of a band embellished with brilliant cut diamonds separated on the middle by a pink gold line, all set on 18 carats white gold gives it the romantic air that the brand aimed for.

        The amazing Boucheron Eternelle Grace Wedding Band is priced around $4,800 but the importance of the event is definitely priceless so, if you are planning into taking this important step in your life, the Boucheron Eternelle Grace Wedding Band should be the perfect way of marking it.

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