Boucheron Jeanne Set

        More than 150 years of fame, excellence and impeccable masterpieces, 34 boutiques all over the world, a variety of products consisting of watches, perfumes and jewelry all defined by fine taste and innovation and the strong desire of excelling expectations is what maintained the House of Boucheron on top of the most successful jewelry designers in the world.

        Precious materials are not enough to make a piece of jewelry glow. It takes more than gold, diamonds and rubies to create an item inspiring timeless elegance and pure beauty and the House of Boucheron has the perfect recipe of making every diamond seem special.

        Named after Jeanne Souchard, the first person to open the first Parisian tearoom, the Boucheron Jeanne Set is an astonishing explosion of color and taste. Belonging to the Gaieté Parisienne Collection launched at the beginning of 2009, the Boucheron Jeanne Set is just one of the seven sets forming the spectacular show and for sure, one of the most beautiful.

        The Lucie jewelry set, Loie jewelry set, J. Baker jewelry set, Louise jewelry set, Satine jewelry set and the Jeanne Set are the perfect embodiment of whom Frederic Boucheron use to be and how he managed to read one’s personality and transform it into an eternal accessory.

        Each masterpiece evokes the complicated and special personality of the character from whom it is inspired. In the case of the Jeanne Set, Boucheron was inspired by the family businesses: the pastry shop and the tearoom.
Consisting of earrings, necklace, ring and a watch, the Jeanne Set looks as sweet as the pastries that it was inspired from: cream tarts, Rum babas and exquisite Black Forest cakes.

        The beautiful combination of precious stones that are rubies, sapphires, coral and of course the love of the House of Boucheron, diamonds, was the perfect choice, as the result is nothing but spectacular and tasty.

        The Yellow gold, the violet sapphires and the red coral embellish the amazing item in a manner that makes us think about the incredibly beautiful baroque style. Screaming joy, the exquisite Jeanne Set manages to underline the “art de vivre” of the Parisian society of the 1900.

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