Boucheron Julia Necklace

        Considering the tough competition: Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Piaget, Versace, or YSL, Boucheron managed over the years to remain one of the most appreciated and desired brands on the market because of the innovative creations that prove great respect towards the customer.

        Founded in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron, the House of Boucheron is one of the most prestigious jewelry, watch and perfume producers on the market. Know for the immense love for quality and diamonds, the House of Boucheron managed to convince the world that art has no price and that when it comes to love, the only thing that can equal its beauty, are diamonds.

        The Boucheron Julia Necklace is a part of the High Jewelry collection and is designed by Mark Newson. The amazing designer known for the diversity of his work: designing aircrafts, clothes or furniture, is also a talented jewelry designer. All his works have only one thing in common, a design style also known as biomorphism defined by transparency, simple lines and no sharp edges. This concept seems to also predominate in the Julia Necklace, a piece of jewelry that gathers most of the basic characteristics of Newson’s specific design.

        The Julia Necklace is inspired by fractals, one of Newson’s passions, and the name comes from the person that actually invented them and that is Julia Gaston. Newson’s affinity for futurist designs is what transformed the Julia necklace from what could have been a simple necklace into a brilliant work of art combining inventiveness, creativity exquisite craftsmanship and, unexpectedly, mathematics.

        The Julia Necklace is an embodiment of passion, patience and will. It took the Boucheron craftsmen more than 1,500 hours to accomplish this amazing work of art that has managed to challenge the other designers into taking the jewelry making to another level.

        The exquisite Julia Necklace is made of white gold embellished with an unbelievable number of 2,000 precious stones consisting of brilliant cut diamonds and beautiful sapphires. Just as the designer planed, even though the necklace is embellished with an impressive number of precious stones, the total weight of the necklace is of 260 grams, making it not hard to wear.

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