Boucheron Louise Jewelry Set

        More than 150 years of grace and exquisite craftsmanship is what managed to propel Boucheron to what it is today: a brand defined by elegance, creativity and timeless designs. Boucheron’s passion for diamonds can be deducted from any piece of jewelry launched by the brand and the most significant themes are those inspired by animals or the beautiful and mysterious Orient.

        Precious materials are not enough to make a piece of jewelry glow. It takes more than gold, diamonds and rubies to create an item inspiring timeless elegance and pure beauty and the House of Boucheron has the perfect recipe of making every diamond seem special.

        Named after Louise, a dancer at the Moulin Rouge, also known as “The Glutton” as the famous painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec called her because of the habbit she had, the Boucheron Louise Set is an astonishing explosion of color and taste. Belonging to the Gaieté Parisienne Collection launched at the beginning of 2009, the Boucheron Louise Set is just one of the seven sets forming the spectacular show and for sure, one of the most precious.

        Each masterpiece evokes the complicated and special personality of the character from whom it is inspired. In the case of the Louise Set, the House of Boucheron was inspired by the Queen of Montmartre, Louise Weber, a representative cancan dancer of the 1890s, known for her explosive personality.

        The Boucheron Louise Set consists of an amazing necklace having a whirlwind design. The two tornados of diamonds outshined by the beauty of the 10-carat emerald ending one and the 3-carat diamond ending the other are the perfect combination of boldness and creative design.

        The Boucheron Louise Set perfectly describes the Parisian night lifestyle. The two tornados inspired by music and the dancing moves of the Moulin Rouge stars, the astonishing, green emerald symbolizing youth and the “art de vivre” so specific to the French, all in a masterpiece defining the whole 150 years adventure that the House of Boucheron had as an attempt of offering beauty to those who appreciate it.

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