Boucheron Trouble Ring

        Although the first products of the brand were launched in 1858, the worldwide recognition came after four generation. After great struggle and devotion, the House of Boucheron can today proud itself with having a number of 34 boutiques in almost every important city of the world such as: London, Paris, San Francisco, Cannes, Tokyo, Saint-Tropez, Monaco, Hong Kong, Osaka, Hiroshima, Okayama, Nagoya, Taipei, Seoul, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Baku, Moscow, and Almaty.

        The B.I.R.D., also known as the Boucheron International Rating of Diamonds is a registered classification system that proves the quality of the diamonds. Based on analyzing the two major criteria and those are: the degree of clarity and the color of he stone, the system is able to make the difference between mediocrity and perfection.

        Animal themes are no stranger to the House of Boucheron and the brand kept on joggling with innovative masterpieces over the last decades. What defines the animal inspired creations of Boucheron is perfection, as the unbelievable attention to details turns the items into almost real creatures made of the finest and precious materials and stones.

        One such example is the Boucheron Trouble Ring. This bold, audacious accessory addressed to survivors, women that know how to deal with their strong personalities and independent life styles.

        Screaming simplicity, elegance and attitude, the Boucheron Trouble Ring embodies two serpents fighting for a black jade bead. Force and aggression have never been put together with elegance and beauty in such a beautiful way as in the case of the Boucheron Trouble Ring.

        The Boucheron Trouble Ring is made of 18 carats yellow gold and the two snakes are embellished with diamonds and black enamel. The gold set weights 10.3 grams, the jade bead weights 15.4 carats and the brilliant cut diamonds total 0.11 carats.

        The Boucheron Trouble Ring is available in two versions. It can either be embellished with diamonds in which case the price can go up to 3,000 euros or it can lack them and the cost will be reduced to 2,500 euros.

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