Bulgari Serpenti Bracelet in Pink Gold

   Bulgari, or Bvlgari as their brand is actually spelled, which is an Italian jewelry maker established in 1884 which has been a favorite among royalty, socialites and celebrities since its inception, still amazes today with its wonderful and stupendous luxury jewelry collections. In fact, today they are also manufacturing other types of accessories as well like watches, fragrances, skin care and own various Bulgari resorts and hotels. Today we are going to talk about a jewelry collection in particular, with focus on a piece of accessory that is simply mesmerizing, the Bulgari Serpenti Bracelet in Pink Gold with Rubelite and Diamonds.

The Serpenti collection from Bulgari is made up of several bracelets, necklaces and earrings, made from yellow gold, pink gold and white gold with gemstones like rubellites, diamonds, moon quartzes, peridots, mother or pearl or black onyx. The name of the collection is obviously inspired by the shapes of the jewelry, especially the bracelets, which are serpent-like. This is why we want to focus on the Bulgari Serpenti Bracelet in Pink Gold, because it is very representative of the entire collection.

What strikes first about the Bulgari Serpenti Bracelet in Pink Gold is the wonderful combination of colors resulted by mixing pink gold with Rubelite, which has a crude pink color. Match that with the pave diamonds placed gently on what seem to be the serpent’s scales and you’ve got a classy and dramatic piece of accessory which will look great at a red carpet event or an elegant party. Jewelry from the Serpenti collection is like a statement of power, of confidence and the strength in a woman. The craft, as expected, is exquisite, delicate and with an amazing attention to detail, because the bracelets look just as lovely on the inside as they do on the outside.

The Bulgari Serpenti Bracelet in Pink Gold would look gorgeous on a brunette woman because the Rubelite matches olive-toned skin and dark hair. This Bulgari bracelet is highly luxurious, evidently, so not every woman can afford it at the prices between $44.000 and $54.000 that it is offered on at online stores. However, it is a good omen to wear on your hand, seeing how 2013 is the Year of the Snake in Chinese culture, a year for attention to detail and progress. And if attention to detail is what you’re after, why not accessorize with details like the Bulgari Serpenti bracelets?

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