Bulgari’s vintage collar necklace

Once a woman understands the value of jewelry and its symbolic relevance you can easily find one of her weaknesses. All you need to do is raise a certain sum of money and buy her a present. There are different occasions when a fine jewelry could help you obtain a lot of benefits from a woman or even make her fall in love with you. You could start by looking for our suggestion, the amazing Bulgari’s vintage collar necklace.

This special jewelry has been recently launched within the famous exhibition known as “The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, 1950-1990”. It took place in San Francisco a few weeks ago, on September 21 and the audience was simply impressed. You can recognize Bulgari’s vintage collar necklace by its yellow gold model combined with emeralds and diamonds reminding you of 1965. If you take a closer look you can easily notice the amethysts.

Back in 2010 Bulgari impressed its customers with a collection inspired from Grand Palais in 2010, but now he came in front of them with a getaway inspired from autumn in San Francisco Bay. This exhibition came up with four chapters of jewelry inspired from history and culture and one of these is the necklace above mentioned. It glimmers a lot and can be worn on every special occasion, as it is both elegant and refined. Every woman that respects herself and her image would love to have something from Bulgari.

If you take some time to look at every part of the exhibition, you will have a great surprise to discover that it also includes some pieces from the celebrities Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren. All the jewelry are have artistic elements inspired from various cultures and traditions and thus every part of them has an artistic side. It is like making a journey among the most relevant historical moments and taking a look over modern architecture and design.

Many important people from Hollywood have already worn these jewelries and if you become another lucky owner of one of them, you can make sure that your investment values more than a treasure. It is not only about the money you pay, but also the value of the necklace and the rename it has among the celebrities from the United States of America. Try Bulgari’s vintage collar necklace and you will notice the difference within a few minutes!

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