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Cartier Agrafe Necklace

      Cartier`s amazing savoir-faire in fine jewelry takes the shape of the extraordinary Agrafe necklace, a piece of jewelry paying tribute to Paris and all his wonders. The motif of Agrafe necklace is inspired by hooks and eyes as used in the past.

Baby Trinity Necklace

Baby Trinity necklace also stands for a true relationship. The pure elegance of this piece of jewelry is revealed in a modern design that reinterprets the three magically intertwined bands of the iconic Trinity ring made of pink, yellow and white gold. The 18K 3-gold bands and the 18K yellow gold necklace are complimented with a precious pendant swaying full of grace at the end of its chain.

Cartier Panther Ring

    The story behind Cartier`s Panther design is royal, intricate and worth telling. Louis Cartier used the nickname “The Panther” when referring to his talented and merciless jeweler Jeanne Toussaint. Jeanne is responsible for designing, among many other feline-inspired jewelry, the onyx and diamond panther bracelet which …

Cartier Panther Brooch

        If among the flowers, the unmistakable emblem of Cartier is the orchid, in the animal reign, the panther is the brand’s signature animal, and the amazing Cartier Panther Brooch in White Gold Platinum, Diamonds, Emeralds and Sapphires is a great example of the brand’s expertise and mastery.

Cartier Orchid Brooch HP500314

        That is how the jewels designed by Cartier are astounding products of pure creative outburst, original thinking and countless hours of meticulous work; and one of the most beautiful examples of the brand’s expertise and originality is the amazing Cartier Orchid Brooch HP500314 Platinum and Diamonds.

Cartier Yellow Sapphire Necklace

        Recently, the brand presented a new glamorous line, and the superb piece of jewelry we are going to present to you in the following article, Cartier Yellow Sapphire, Diamonds and Cultured Pearl Necklace is only one example of Cartier’s mastery. The model merges a single strand, cultured pearl necklace, tinted in a stylish aubergine hue, which makes a nice contrast against the yellow gold roundels and spheres.

Cartier Red Jewelry Box

        Crafted from the best leather from Morocco, the Cartier Red Jewelry Box features on the surface the golden lace and black velvet accompanied by white silk. The additional qualities are those usually found in Cartier jewelry and that is elegance, luxurious design, simple lines, exquisite taste and the legendary classic air. The Cartier Red Jewelry Box collection gathering jewelry or headwear was definitely created for bold woman lacking inhibitions.

Cartier Hypnose Collection

        The Hypnose collection, inspired by the bandeau created in 1907 for Nancy Leeds, the future princess Anastasia of Greece and Denmark, is a mixture of black and white rings, pendants, bracelets and drop earrings made of 18k white gold and embellished with diamonds, imitating watered silk. ‘Hypnose’, this stunning collection, emanates femininity and a royal air given by the stunning design and the inspired combination of ceramic materials and 18K diamond-studded platinum.

Cartier Solitaire Ballerine Series

        The Solitaire Ballerine Series brings the grace and elegance a ballerina has. Having flexible and harmonious lines, this Cartier engagement ring is the embodiment of femininity, a masterpiece able to express true, forever lasting love without having to use words. The Cartier Solitaire Ballerine Series represents a proof of skill when it comes to mastering harmonious well-proportioned designs. Every diamond is carefully examined for visible inclusions, symmetry and brilliance in order for every ring to be perfect.

Cartier Honeymoon Series

        The ‘Honeymoon’ series comes in two different versions: one made of white gold and the other made of platinum. The two items belonging to the ‘Honeymoon’ series also have different diamonds: one featuring a caratage between 1 and 1.60 cts and the other one having a caratage available from 0.50 to 1.10 cts. The amazing ‘Honeymoon’ ring was, as the shape also suggests, inspired by the different phases of the moon.

Cartier Déclaration Ring

        Made of pure platinum, ‘Déclaration’ emanates femininity and at the same time strength, given by the grandiose, stunning diamond. Simplicity is what characterizes this ring and Cartier, once again, proves deserving all the fame and love it has gained over the years. Romance and true feelings gathered in an easy way of expressing them, even for those more realistic individuals, the ‘Déclaration’ ring.

Cartier Solitaire 1895

       Designed in 1895, the ‘Solitaire 1895’ is one of the most famous bridal rings ever created by Cartier. This amazing masterpiece was the first ring in which platinum was used along with diamonds and this is why, ‘Solitaire 1895’ became an immortal classic and a source of inspiration in creating bridal jewelry. The elegance of the lines is unique and the refined and light setting allows the light of the diamond to flow freely.

Cartier Leve Series

        The ‘Leve’ series emanates an air of masculinity combined with style and displays a great deal of freshness that would fit almost every man. The big size ‘Leve’ series for men has fresh simple lines and the widely known, exquisite and unique aesthetic of the House of Cartier. Art Deco, a concept often used by Cartier, also dominates the ‘Leve’ series.

Cartier Trinity Ring

        A perfect example of successfully combining various shades of gold is the now mythical ‘Trinity’ ring. The world’s most famous ring, the ‘Trinity’ ring, is a beautiful symbol of love, friendship and loyalty, the most pure and honest emotions of this world.

Cartier Tank Ring

        The ‘Tank’ ring, one of the most desired rings ever created by Cartier, has gained the admiration of all jewelry lovers with its simplicity and the refinement it emanates. The pure simplicity of the ring comes in perfect contrast with the big stone that can either be amethyst, aquamarine, citrine or moonstone. The Cartier jewelry lines have long tuned to be legendary and a lot of the pieces created by the worldwide known brand have become even mythical.

Cartier Love Bracelet

        The Cartier Love Bracelet, one of the most famous pieces created by Cartier was first launched in 1969 and was inspired by the famous chastity belts. Even Though the Love Charity Bracelet was launched years ago, the purpose of the campaign and the screw motif keeps on improving and still captivates the audience.

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