Baby Trinity Necklace

The House of Cartier is one of the most appreciated jeweler and watch manufacturer in the world. The first Cartier store was in Paris, on the 13th of Peace Street, the place where all stunning, unique senior Cartier pieces of jewelry are born.

The talented artisans and inspired professionals working for Cartier create extraordinary and unique jewelry, true masterpieces applauded by jewelry connoisseurs all over the world.

Taste is a matter of being able to pick a wonderful jewelry or just choose a Cartier. Every single piece of jewelry made by the House of Cartier features two major characteristics: luxurious look and tasteful design. Furthermore, even if every piece is unique through its individual richness, perfection and mysterious appearance, they have something in common: taste. Whether you want to purchase some diamonds for your wedding day, a watch to offer as a present to a close friend or some jewelry for daily use, the House of Cartier is the place to go for all that and more. Cartier is not just about jewelry, it’s a way of life.

Incorporating the quintessence of luxury in jewelry, Cartier has written history with some of their creations. The French manufacturer is also famous for combining various shades of gold in the Trinity Collection de Cartier. Yellow gold, white gold and pink gold are harmoniously combined by Cartier artisans using special methods, a lot of patience and extraordinary attention to detail in a work that lasts months.

The inspiration for the Baby Trinity necklace is the legendary Trinity ring launched in 1924. The historical ring was created by Louis, the grandson of the founder, as a tribute to the true friendship between him and the French poet Jean Cocteau. The mixture between the three types of gold symbolizes the perfect mélange of three valued feelings that are the foundation of any relationship: love, friendship and loyalty.

Baby Trinity necklace also stands for a true relationship. The pure elegance of this piece of jewelry is revealed in a modern design that reinterprets the three magically intertwined bands of the iconic Trinity ring made of pink, yellow and white gold. The 18K 3-gold bands and the 18K yellow gold necklace are complimented with a precious pendant swaying full of grace at the end of its chain.

The elegance and grace of the Trinity necklace comes from the delicate combination of luxury with the symbolic meanings. Even if the message is clear and the design is not a complex one, the Trinity necklace says it all. The capacity to capture so deep feelings makes it exquisite and unique.

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