Cartier Agrafe Necklace

The story of the House of Cartier began in 1874 and it has evolved constantly since then, offering the world the ultimate luxury in matter of jewelry.

This French company is famous for serving royalty, stars and all kind of celebrities with stunning pieces of jewelry. One Prince of Wales even referred to Cartier as “”Joaillier des Rois, Roi des Joailliers”, which means “Jeweler of Kings, King of Jewelers”. The House of Cartier became the royal supplier for monarchies all over the world, such as the courts of England, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Siam, Serbia, Belgium, Egypt, Greece, Romania, Albania, and also the Principality of Monaco and House of Orleans.

Throughout its centenary existence, Cartier elaborated its accuracy in setting techniques and always provided an original approach by creating unique and excellent pieces of jewelry. Taste, perfection and luxury are the main qualities of Cartier masterpieces. Consequently, there is no wonder why Cartier is the number one jewelry seller in the world and also the first manufacturer celebrities take into account when it is about choosing an exquisite accessory to make them shine on the red carpet. In addition, Cartier is also second on the top sellers of luxury watches, the famous Rolex being the only one ahead.

The masterpieces made by Cartier require months of work, attention to every single detail, but also extremely high quality metals and precious stones. Their craft is supreme in jewelry, so they are the perfect destination if you want to shop around for diamonds, rubies, rings and bracelets or their famous watches. As a consequence, only a very select clientele can afford to buy them, the prices being not exactly accessible to anybody.

Cartier necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants or brooches, they all speak the universal language of emotion, while encapsulating fascinating beauty and pleasing memories. No matter if the main theme is inspired by delicate flowers, interesting birds, hearts or the iconic panther, every piece of jewelry under the name Cartier is reminiscent, features aesthetic geometry and sublime design. Moreover, the astounding pieces exceed the limits of a simple craft and enter the territory of authentic art.

The talented artisans working for House of Cartier have the ability to reinvent the well-known style over and over again. They always manage to surprise the audience with modern masterpieces which also keep the essence of the unmistakable Cartier style.

Cartier`s amazing savoir-faire in fine jewelry takes the shape of the extraordinary Agrafe necklace, a piece of jewelry paying tribute to Paris and all his wonders. The motif of Agrafe necklace is inspired by hooks and eyes as used in the past. This interpretation of the motif revealed a magnificent 18K yellow gold necklace that fulfills all high expectations Cartier established.

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