Cartier Déclaration Ring

The history of the House of Cartier began 160 years ago and since then it has done nothing but evolving. If Faberge makes us think about the famous eggs, Tiffany about engagement ring, Carties makes us think about luxury in a general meaning so, the reason why, just as the ‘Déclaration’ ring, Cartier jewelry can be acquired all over the world, is for any woman to be able to wear these gorgeous symbols of elegance and luxury.

The extraordinary designers working for Cartier have the incredible talent of reinventing the Cartier style over and over again in order to not only shock the audience but also to maintain the well-known style that made the brand famous.

Romance and true feelings gathered in an easy way of expressing them, even for those more realistic individuals, the ‘Déclaration’ ring. A simple and elegant way of asking that gives off a greater and more profound meaning to such a moving moment in one’s life, the engagement.

Just as the name suggests, the ‘Déclaration’ ring represents a daring declaration, a promise, a way of saying all that words can’t express, a lifetime commitment shaped as a luxurious piece of jewelry. For this reason, it can become a great engagement ring, and it can match wedding bands as well; for more information on how to match engagement and wedding rings, and other essential wedding details, visit, and you’ll find all the inspiration you need.

Made of pure platinum, ‘Déclaration’ emanates femininity and at the same time strength, given by the grandiose, stunning diamond. Simplicity is what characterizes this ring and Cartier, once again, proves deserving all the fame and love it has gained over the years.

Cartier engagement rings come in different styles but no matter if we are talking about modern or classic, the diamonds embellishing the ring cannot have less than 5 carats. Every diamond is carefully examined for visible inclusions, symmetry and brilliance in order for every ring to be perfect.

‘Déclaration’ is a perfect mixture between historic heritage and modern styles, an impressive masterpiece of geometrical artistry resulting into a unique ring symbolizing deep emotions and true feelings.

The ‘Déclaration’ ring is a perfect choice for those individuals daring to pursue bold things desired by their hearts that see the future with optimistic eyes and always full of hope. This eternal symbol of lasting love combined with a traditional and contemporary design is the perfect choice for a couple with distinctive and refined designer tastes.

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