Cartier Honeymoon Series

        Even though the House of Cartier designs also earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants or brooches, the rings created by the brand are those enjoying the biggest success.

        The ‘Honeymoon’ series represents a perfect mixture between historic heritage and modern styles, an impressive masterpiece of geometrical artistry resulting into a unique ring symbolizing deep emotions and true feelings.

        This eternal symbol of lasting love combined with a traditional and contemporary design is the perfect choice for a couple with distinctive and refined designer tastes. No matter if we are taking about the classic Cartier Solitaire, the simple but elegant Ballerine, the unmistakable Déclaration, the lunar inspired Honeymoon or the Cartier C-shaped Solitaires, the experience will be one of a kind and the accessory will never go out of fashion.

        The latest Cartier ‘Honeymoon’ series gathers beautiful, luxurious, elegant and sensual pieces of art created for those women seeking not only luxurious, tasteful designs but also exclusivity.

        Known for the amazing way of transposing romance into an eternal accessory, the House of Cartier created what every woman dreams about. The ‘Honeymoon’ ring denotes love, commitment, all this in a very romantic shape, an attempt of hugging between a man and a woman.

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        The amazing ‘Honeymoon’ ring was, as the shape also suggests, inspired by the different phases of the moon. The resemblance is given by the roundness of a full moon it has on the top and the crescent seen from the profile.

        Neat and delicate contours, a delicate and classic but also modern design, a closed setting in white gold, all embellished with a diamond meant to underline all qualities the ‘Honeymoon’ ring has.

        The ‘Honeymoon’ series comes in two different versions: one made of white gold and the other made of platinum. The two items belonging to the ‘Honeymoon’ series also have different diamonds: one featuring a caratage between 1 and 1.60 cts and the other one having a caratage available from 0.50 to 1.10 cts.

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