Cartier Hypnose Collection

        Cartier, the first brand that over a century ago began applying platinum in jewelry, is known for the exquisite creations specially designed for strong and independent modern women.

        The first Cartier store was located in Paris, on the 13th of Peace Street, a location that gathers both history and the place where all bright, unique senior Cartier jewelry are born. Here, the meticulous professionals working for Cartier give birth to the most exquisite pieces of jewelry, works of art respected not only by the French but also by every jewelry lover around the world.

        ‘Perfection’ comes first and ‘excellence’ and ‘outstanding’ are the additional qualities making every piece complete. These rules have transformed Cartier from an unknown jewelry manufacturer into a world wide known jewelry provider.

        Nowadays, in order to celebrate the one hundred years of spectacular and spotless activity, Cartier held a reception in the Cartier Dôme, Miami Beach Botanical Garden where it was presented the movie “Diamonds, Gold and Dreams”, created especially for this occasion by the American director David Lynch. The movie comes as a well-deserved tribute for the many years in which Cartier has provided hundred of amazing works of art.

        This unforgettable event couldn’t have been complete without the launching of some more luxurious Fine Jewelry pieces, so, the first line enriched by the brand was the Trinity line that welcomed a new set of diamond-studded baubles inspired by the cosmos. Next, come six exquisite and new jewel-encrusted masterpieces joining the Love bracelet edition and last but not least, the Hypnose collection addressed to art deco lovers.

        The Hypnose collection, inspired by the bandeau created in 1907 for Nancy Leeds, the future princess Anastasia of Greece and Denmark, is a mixture of black and white rings, pendants, bracelets and drop earrings made of 18k white gold and embellished with diamonds, imitating watered silk.

        ‘Hypnose’, this stunning collection, emanates femininity and a royal air given by the stunning design and the inspired combination of ceramic materials and 18K diamond-studded platinum.

        Value and texture is what makes ‘Hypnose’ so special and desired. These specific qualities are those responsible for all the fame and respect gained over the years. The ‘Hypnose’ collection will go on sale at the fair inside the Cartier Dôme or in any Cartier boutique starting March 2009.

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