Cartier Leve Series

        Also known as “Joaillier des Rois, Roi des Joailliers”, the House of Cartier has a distinguished history of serving not only celebrities or stars but also royalty. After receiving an order of 27 tiaras in 1902, the House of Cartier was offered the immense proud of becoming the supplier of the Royal Court of England. After King Edward VII offered the Royal warrant to Cartier, several other courts such as the ones of Spain, Portugal, Russia, Siam, Greece, Serbia, Belgium, Romania, Egypt and finally Albania, and also from the House of Orleans and the Principality of Monaco decide to follow the example by offering the warrants.

        Taste and luxury were always appreciated and these are the main qualities of Cartier. As a reward for the excellence proven over the years, nowadays Cartier in the number one jewelry seller in the world and the first choice of every celebrity in search of exquisite, stunning masterpieces. Besides being the number one on the jewelry market, the House of Cartier can also take pride on also being the second seller of luxury watches, after the highly respected Rolex.

        The House of Cartier worships woman and takes great care in creating masterpieces meant to underline their natural beauty but in order to make everyone happy, the brand launched the new ‘Leve’ series for men.

        The ‘Leve’ series emanates an air of masculinity combined with style and displays a great deal of freshness that would fit almost every man. The big size ‘Leve’ series for men has fresh simple lines and the widely known, exquisite and unique aesthetic of the House of Cartier.

        In the case of Cartier, no matter if we are talking about a pendant, a bracelet or a ring when the classic screw motif is used usually the piece is a success. Known as the most elegant colors in the world, black and white will never go out of fashion and neither will the ‘Leve’ series. Having as main theme black and white, the rings are another proof of the originality of style and charm of Cartier

        Art Deco, a concept often used by Cartier, also dominates the ‘Leve’ series. A combination between exquisite diamonds and priceless platinum able to display a great deal of masculinity but also having a feminine, smooth air. Bold is the word that defines the ‘Leve’ series in terms of aspect, masterpieces able to express attitude by using the beauty of contrast.

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