Cartier Love Bracelet

        Taste is a quality and in order to be able to pick a beautiful piece of jewelry you can either have that or just pick one created by the House of Cartier. Every piece of jewelry created by the brand can be defined by two major features: luxurious aspect and tasteful design and even though every piece has its own unique design, the one thing these amazing pieces have in common is taste.

        ‘Perfection’ comes first and ‘excellence’ and ‘outstanding’ are the additional qualities making every piece complete. These rules have transformed Cartier from an unknown jewelry manufacturer into a world wide known jewelry provider.

        The Cartier Love Bracelet, one of the most famous pieces created by Cartier was first launched in 1969 and was inspired by the famous chastity belts. Even Though the Love Charity Bracelet was launched years ago, the purpose of the campaign and the screw motif keeps on improving and still captivates the audience.

        The Cartier Love Bracelet can be acquired either in white or yellow gold and the love link engraved on the bracelet comes in different colors, each color supporting a different cause. To make the campaign even more appealing, several celebrities have decided to each be the representative of a cause, so, names such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek or Ashley Judd were the first to sustain this noble gesture that started in 2006.

        The Cartier Love Bracelet was created in order to be affordable for almost anyone who wants to join the cause and in order to make this possible the prices start at $475 and can reach $3,300. Even though the bracelet isn’t exactly cheep, the fact that by acquiring it, Cartier donates $100 to charity, makes it worth buying it.

        The Cartier Love Bracelets support causes such as: youth AIDS research, supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, providing help for women who had undergone domestic abuse, helping disadvantaged Mexican kids overcome problems such as drugs, violence or lack of education or supporting UNICEF and these noble causes make the price less important.

        The Love Bracelet designed by Cartier has a Cartier Love bangle, is made either from white or yellow gold, has 41.5 grams gold weight, an attractive screw motif, a band measuring 6.5 mm wide and a band interior being 2.75 inches long x 2.25 inches wide.

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