Cartier Orchid Brooch HP500314

        One of the most prestigious French jewelry manufacturers in the world, Cartier started its existence in the first half of the 19th century, and ever since, it never ceased to astound the Royal Houses with amazing original jewelries, which soon turned Cartier into the Royal supplier for many European Courts, of which the Court of England, Spain, Portugal, Belgium etc.

        However, although famous for dedicating a lot of time and energy to pleasing the refined ladies of the high society and Royal Courts, as well as for being the preferred jeweler of contemporary celebrities and VIPs, Cartier, is also known for pushing the jeweler’s skill beyond the limits of a simple craft and into the realm of genuine art.

        That is how the jewels designed by Cartier are astounding products of pure creative outburst, original thinking and countless hours of meticulous work; and one of the most beautiful examples of the brand’s expertise and originality is the amazing Cartier Orchid Brooch HP500314 Platinum and Diamonds.

        Drawing its inspiration from the eternal beauty of flowers, and trying to prove that the orchid is the most phenomenal flower that exists, if we ought to quote the brand’s CEO, Bernard Fornas Cartier created in this superb collection, which merges the sensuous silhouette of the orchid with the glamorous diamond glow, the perfect expression of contemporary luxury.

        The ravishing Cartier Orchid Brooch HP500314 Platinum and Diamonds is a superb accessory, which will surely bring a plus of class and elegance to a dressy outfit, and which will surely conquer the hearts of many fashionable, romantic women.

        Performed in platinum, the broche is almost entirely covered in white diamonds, and at the flower’s center, it demonstrates a delicate combination of pink and yellow diamonds, which mimic the exuberant coloring of the orchid.

        A charming accessory, the dainty Cartier Orchid Brooch HP500314 Platinum and Diamonds will surely be the first choice for any enthusiast customer of the brand, who can afford to pay its exclusive but fair price.

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