Cartier Panther Brooch

        Internationally known for creating astounding jewelry lines destined to please the European Royal Courts, ever since the beginning of the 19th century, Cartier is a famous French jeweler that over the years continually raised the bar for the other members of this elitist industry and that created genuine objects of art, currently a part of the world’s cultural patrimony.

        Actually, the official jewelry supplier for many prestigious Royal Houses such as that of Spain, Portugal, Belgium or England, due to the upmost sophistication and luxury of their top-class products, Cartier was called by the Prince of Wells- the jeweler of kings, king of jewelers- an honorific title, extremely valued by Cartier.

        However, during its centenary existence, Cartier never ceased to bring, with every new, audacious jewel, or exuberant jewelry watch, the undoubtable proof of its designers, watchmakers and jewelers’ creativity, mastery, and savoir-faire, which passed from father to son in over two centuries of prestige and tradition.

        Furthermore, the brand is internationally known, for creating original pieces, which transcend the limits of a simple craft and enter the realm of genuine art. In addition, if among the flowers, the unmistakable emblem of Cartier is the orchid, in the animal reign, the panther is the brand’s signature animal, and the amazing Cartier Panther Brooch in White Gold Platinum, Diamonds, Emeralds and Sapphires is a great example of the brand’s expertise and mastery.

        Belonging to the brand’s highly appreciated Cartier High Jewelry Collection, the model, unique in the world, is a quintessential expression of the brand’s belief in uncompromising luxury, and sheer glamour, especially created to bring a plus of exuberance to a dressy outfit.

        The thin silhouette of the panther is nicely sculpted from a precious combination of 18-karat white gold and platinum, and it unfurls the sublime glitter of 868 brilliant-cut diamonds, with a total weight of 16.4 karats. Moreover, it also incorporates 102 cabochon sapphires, with a total weight of 10.7 karats, and a superb Ceylon sapphire, which weights 65.9 karats.

        Furthermore, the hypnotizing eyes of the feline are performed in emeralds, with a weight of 1.1 karats, and this fascinating object of opulent luxury was available for an approximate price of 1 million dollars.

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