Cartier Panther Ring

     The Panther motif, an emblem for Cartier`s exclusive jewelry, takes now the shape of a wonderful 18-karat-gold ring with tsavorite eyes and an onyx nose.

     The story behind Cartier`s Panther design is royal, intricate and worth telling. Louis Cartier used the nickname “The Panther” when referring to his talented and merciless jeweler Jeanne Toussaint. Jeanne is responsible for designing, among many other feline-inspired jewelry, the onyx and diamond panther bracelet which Edward VIII gave to Wallis Simpson in 1952, during the period they were living in exile in Paris, as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The panther bracelet set a world record for selling at £4,521,250 at Sotheby’s in 2010. This exorbitant auction price transforms the panther bracelet both into the most expensive bracelet ever sold and the most expensive Cartier item ever sold at an auction.


     Another famous piece of jewelry is the white-gold-and-platinum panther brooch, encrusted in diamonds and mounted on a 152.35-carat Kashmir sapphire cabochon. This was also made for the Duchess of Windsor. As Wallis and Edward VIII attended high-class events and traveled a lot, Cartier`s fine-jeweled felines become famous all over the world.
But the charismatic cat rendered in Cartier jewelry is more than a simple design. The panther has deep symbolic meanings that can be transferred to the interpretation of its representations. Regarded as a totem, the panther has a powerful and protective presence. In the moment you are wearing a panther piece of jewelry, you can consider it is your fierce guardian. The panther is also the symbol of power, ferocity, courage and valor.

     In Indian myths, the panther is feared, respected and regarded as the Protector of the universe. This animal has over 500 voluntary muscles that it can use as wanted. Furthermore, the person who wears the panther motif is able to do a variety of tasks, it`s all about putting in use the right muscles, either physical, mental, psychic or spiritual.

     The Black Panther probably has greater symbolism than all the other panthers, being the symbol of the feminine energies manifest upon the earth, the symbol of darkness, death, and rebirth from out of it. As a totem, the Black Panther makes us comprehend the dark and death, along with their powers, so that we can eliminate our fears. Moreover, in the moment the Black Panther becomes your totem, it is believed that it awakens the inner and hidden passions, especially the kundalini forces that enables one`s true power.

     The core essence of the panther is its guardian powers. Cartier`s Panther ring encapsulates great symbolism and graceful design, especially created for both bold and sublime spirits.

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