Cartier Red Jewelry Box

        Headquartered in Paris, the House of Cartier was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier after taking over the workshop of his master. Who made the brand famous all over the world, wasn’t the founder but his nephews Louis, Pierre and Jacques.

        Taste and luxury were always appreciated and these are the main qualities of Cartier. As a reward for the excellence proven over the years, nowadays Cartier in the number one jewelry seller in the world and the first choice of every celebrity in search of exquisite, stunning masterpieces. Besides being the number one on the jewelry market, the House of Cartier can also take pride on also being the second seller of luxury watches, after the highly respected Rolex.

        Cartier is an exquisite jewelry provider and because of that, the prices are not exactly affordable for everyone. Requiring months of work, the masterpieces created by the House of Cartier are destined to a very select clientele.

        Famous brands such as Cartier are known for a specific item that remained in the history of the brand because of the beauty and timeless design. Besides giving birth to amazing masterpieces, the House of Cartier as well as many other jewelry providers has adopted several symbols in order to be easily recognized. Many luxury brands have become representative of a certain color and Cartier isn’t the exception.

        The Cartier Red Jewelry Box is an innovative concept that breaks the traditional use of a jewelry box. The Cartier Red Jewelry Box collection gathering jewelry or headwear was definitely created for bold woman lacking inhibitions.

        Crafted from the best leather from Morocco, the Cartier Red Jewelry Box features on the surface the golden lace and black velvet accompanied by white silk. The additional qualities are those usually found in Cartier jewelry and that is elegance, luxurious design, simple lines, exquisite taste and the legendary classic air.

        The wonderful Red Jewelry Box has a retro design inspired by the beginnings of the House of Cartier. Even though the years have passed, Cartier maintains the same spirit and the first design concept of the jewelry box. This concept will forever be retained because if there is something that Cartier does best is to reinvent and bring back to life old treasures by giving them a modern air.

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