Cartier Solitaire Ballerine Series

        Cartier, one of the most famous brands in the world, has written history with some of the creations launched over the years. Even though the House of Cartier designs also earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants or brooches, the rings created by the brand are those enjoying the biggest success. Rings such as the ‘Tank’ ring or the ‘Trinity’ ring gathering three types of gold have brought the brand world recognition.

        Cartier engagement rings come in different styles but no matter if we are talking about modern or classic, the diamonds embellishing the ring cannot have less than 5 carats. Every diamond is carefully examined for visible inclusions, symmetry and brilliance in order for every ring to be perfect.

        Commitment can be more pleasant when, besides true feelings, you get a wonderful, elegant ring. Say ‘I do’ or watch your future wife being happier than ever by proposing with any of the engagement rings created by the House of Cartier.
No matter if we are taking about the classic Cartier Solitaire, the simple but elegant Ballerine, the unmistakable Déclaration, the lunar inspired Honeymoon or the Cartier C-shaped Solitaires, the experience will be one of a kind and the accessory will never go out of fashion.

        Meaning “ballet”, the Solitaire Ballerine Series brings the grace and elegance a ballerina has. Having flexible and harmonious lines, this Cartier engagement ring is the embodiment of femininity, a masterpiece able to express true, forever lasting love without having to use words.

        The Cartier Solitaire Ballerine Series represents a proof of skill when it comes to mastering harmonious well-proportioned designs and accomplishing a perfect symmetry of shape, qualities that brought fame to the House of Cartier.

        Inlaid on both sides of each block, the ring embodies an attempt of hugging between a man and a woman, a symbol of true love or maybe the strong desire of welcoming their new life together with their arms and hearts opened.

        Each piece of jewelry created by Cartier begins its activity in the first Cartier workshop located in Paris, on the 13th of Peace Street. Proving great adroitness, the designers working for Cartier have managed, over the years, to launch several engagement rings celebrating love. Series such as Solitaire 1895, Anchoress C de Cartier, Déclaration, Louis Cartier and of course the Solitaire Ballerine will always remain actual even one hundred years from now because, style never fades.

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