Cartier Tank Ring

        Cartier is the definition of luxury, the universal language of emotion. The perfumes and jewelry created by the House of Cartier are impossible not to recognize because of their richness, perfection and mysterious appearance.

        Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants or brooches, they all are forms of preserving beauty and sometimes even memories. Each piece created by the House of Cartier is evocative and no matter if it is inspired by flowers, birds, hearts or the emblematical panther, because of the harmonious geometry and exquisite design every piece turns out to be unbelievable.

        The extraordinary designers working for Cartier have the incredible talent of reinventing the Cartier style over and over again in order to not only shock the audience but also to maintain the well-known style that made the brand famous.

        The Cartier jewelry lines have long tuned to be legendary and a lot of the pieces created by the worldwide known brand have become even mythical. Pieces such as the ‘Trinity’ ring, the ‘love’ bracelet or the ‘Tank’ ring manage to fascinate the beholder with their exquisite designs, beauty and a great deal of refinement.

        The ‘Tank’ ring, one of the most desired rings ever created by Cartier, has gained the admiration of all jewelry lovers with its simplicity and the refinement it emanates. The pure simplicity of the ring comes in perfect contrast with the big stone that can either be amethyst, aquamarine, citrine or moonstone.

        The ‘Tank’ ring is an ultra-modern geometric band with sleek lines and contemporary edges that will definitely not pass unnoticed.
The simple design crafted of either yellow or white gold and embellished with princess-cut amethyst, aquamarine, citrine or moonstone has managed to become a symbol of the House of Cartier.

        The simplicity and purity of the square design make this collection not only impossible to resist to but also unique, refined and luxurious. Inspired by the 1920’s geometry, the ‘Tank’ ring is both impressive and timelessly elegant.

        The history of the House of Cartier began 160 years ago and since then it has done nothing but evolving. If Faberge makes us think about the famous eggs, Tiffany about engagement ring, Carties makes us think about luxury in a general meaning so, the reason why, just as the ‘Tank’ ring, Cartier jewelry can be acquired all over the world, is for any woman to be able to wear these gorgeous symbols of elegance and luxury.

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