Cartier Yellow Sapphire Necklace

        The world’s largest producer of luxury goods, preferred by the day’s European Royal Houses and celebrities, Cartier is a prestigious French company, which started its existence at the beginnings of the 19th century, and which, over the years, became associated with luxurious jewelry lines, which mark the influence and power of kings and queens.

        Named the jeweler of kings, king of jewelers by one of the Princes of Wells, Cartier is the official jewelry supplier for many monarchies of the old continent, and through a centenary existence, the brand perfected its meticulous setting techniques, and always brought an original approach to the jewelry creation, creating the ultimate expression of originality, savoir-faire and sheer luxury.

        Nevertheless, although the brand built its reputation through creating amazing unique pieces destined to please the world’s kings and queens, Cartier never turned its eyes from the other categories of customers, and every time around mingled the jeweler’s skill with a genuine artistic flair, in order to provide the perfect expression of sheer luxury and beauty.

        Recently, the brand presented a new glamorous line, and the superb piece of jewelry we are going to present to you in the following article, Cartier Yellow Sapphire, Diamonds and Cultured Pearl Necklace is only one example of Cartier’s mastery.

        The model merges a single strand, cultured pearl necklace, tinted in a stylish aubergine hue, which makes a nice contrast against the yellow gold roundels and spheres, embellished with the seductive glow of white diamonds, with a total weight of 7.50 karats.

        Moreover, the strand measures 44.8 cm, and the cultured pearls measure between 8.0-8.9 mm; the piece is nicely completed with an eye-catching cushion-shaped yellow sapphire pendant, mounted in diamond-set yellow gold.

        Especially designed to meet the expectations of the brand’s demanding feminine clientele, the superb Cartier Yellow Sapphire, Diamonds and Cultured Pearl Necklace will surely be a wonderful accessory bound to bring a plus of individuality to any dressy outfit.

        As far as the price tag is concerned, we expect that the amazing Cartier Yellow Sapphire, Diamonds and Cultured Pearl Necklace will be available for an approximate price tag around $20,000.00.

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