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Chanel Vintage `97 CC Crystal Earrings

     A Chanel logo-centric piece of jewelry, the Vintage `97 CC Crystal earrings are perfect for a retro or elegant look. Besides the brand`s logo, each earring has a 3-links chain embellished with a beautiful crystal.

Chanel Camélia Necklace

     The Chanel Camélia necklace is another proof of impressive beauty and extravagant, but unique elegance. An exquisite mélange between precious stones and materials, the impressive piece is a luxurious interpretation of the flower.

Chanel Camellia Tweed Necklace

        The Chanel Camellia Tweed Necklace is an important piece in the Chanel Fine Jewelry Collection. The impressively beautiful necklace that also comes with matching earrings, rings or bracelets manages to perfectly embody an encounter between two people. It is amazing how the materials and precious stones mingle and the classic black and white combination is the detail that brings the touch of the famous Chanel extravagant but unique elegance.

Chanel Ultra Cuff Bracelet

        The credo of Mademoiselle Chanel suggesting that simplicity is the key to a successful outfit has been maintained alive by the brand and a great example proving all the above is the New Chanel Ultra Cuff Bracelet. A combination of the immortal and most elegant color, back, white gold and precious diamonds is the best way of embellishing any wrist. The perfect contrast of the element, for example the precious diamonds and the black ceramic turns the New Chanel Ultra Cuff Bracelet in a timeless, whished-for and unique accessory.

Chanel Camelia Baroque Necklace

        The Chanel Camélia Baroque Necklace is a proof of the quote mentioned above and even though its simplicity is obvious, this necklace is definitely eye-catching. Consisting of five chains becoming smaller and smaller as they reach the neck, the necklace is meant to bring joy and color to the person wearing it. The Chanel Camélia Baroque Necklace is just another proof that genius combined with fine taste and fashion sense can result into exquisite jewelry.

Chanel Perles et Rubans Necklace

        Even though know for her suits, the amazingly elegant “little black dress” or the pea jackets, Coco Chanel also created costume jewelry and perfumes. Just as expected, the pieces of jewelry she created were elegant, classy, fashionable, elegant and immortal. One such piece is the “Perles et Rubans” necklace. The impressive number of veritable pearls used in manufacturing this beautiful necklace is of 279, each having a diameter of 8 to 10.5 mm.

Chanel Camélia Earrings

        The Chanel Camélia Earrings are a proof of the quote mentioned above and even though their simplicity is obvious, these earrings are definitely eye-catching. The Camélia flower is what inspired Coco Chanel into creating this unique and exquisite piece of art and as Camélia was her favorite flower, it also became more like a signature of the House of Chanel.

Chanel Coco Ring

        The Coco Ring is the perfect embodiment what the personality of Coco Chanel. A spectacle of colors combined in great taste that is meant to bring to the beholder the joy of life she always had. A piece of art that proves wrong to those that may think complexity is what jewelry needs in order to become beautiful. The Coco Ring features a simple design combined with the modern oversized stones.

Chanel Haute Jewellery Brooch

        The Haute Joaillerie Brooch is the one of the most stunning and eye-catching objects joining the collection. Launched in 2008, this splendid wonder of blue and silvery shades proves complex, creative and technical design.
The Haute Joaillerie Brooch is embellished with one of the most rare and precious stones in the world. The Paraiba tourmaline was discovered in 1989 and since then, every respected brand is using it.

Chanel Comète Necklace

        The amazing “Comète” necklace is nothing but breath taking, an exquisite show in which diamonds and inspiration can turn any woman into a glowing star. The massive amount of diamonds set on a precious white gold setting boasting 18 carats.
“Comète”, just as the name suggests, is inspired by the eternal universe brought in comparison whit the “timeless and eternally modern” of Coco Chanel’s creations. The necklace is set on a massive and beautiful white gold setting that allows the beholder to wear it around the neck without it being an actual chain.

Chanel San Marco Bracelet

        The heart-warming colors of the precious stones used in creating this amazing bracelet, state once again the love that Coco Chanel had for simplicity. The main attraction of the San Marco Bracelet, are the eye-catching colors that give a touch of sensuality combined with precious and luxurious elegance. The sapphires bring romanticism into the amazing look of the bracelet and the emeralds give it an air of fairytale so familiar to Mademoiselle Chanel.

Chanel San Marco Brooch

        The stunning San Marco Brooch inspired by Venice and the cross of Malta is not only an amazing accessory characterized by elegance and refinement but also a delightful embodiment of Mademoiselle Chanel’s impressive creativity and boldness. he colorful an ingenious combination of gemstones meant to imitate the cross of Malta is what makes the brooch eye-catching.

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