Chanel Camelia Baroque Necklace

        Every Chanel jewelry collection screams innovation and creativity is definitely the first ingredient. Ever since the first jewelry collection launched in 1932, the House of Chanel kept on stunning the audience with pieces characterized by simplicity and elegance.

        Collections such as “Ultra”, “Cometes”, “Matilesse”, “Mademoiselle”, “Elements De Chanel”, “Coco” or “Camelia” have definitely written history and the simple but eye-catching pieces of art belonging to these amazing collections are items that simply emphasize over the importance of femininity.

        The Byzantine and Baroque jewelry is what inspired Mademoiselle Chanel in many of her incredible works of art. The visit she made in the early 1920s to Venice seems to have changed her view, transforming it into one even more beautiful, feminine and romantic fact that was also to be reflected in the jewelry collections that were to come.

        “The seeming simplicity of a masterpiece is sure proof of its grace” is what seems to be one of the guiding lines that have made Coco Chanel so good at what she did. In an unusual and unforgettable way she managed to transform the unnecessary opulence of the Belle Époque into elegant and simple beauty.

        The Chanel Camélia Baroque Necklace is a proof of the quote mentioned above and even though its simplicity is obvious, this necklace is definitely eye-catching. Consisting of five chains becoming smaller and smaller as they reach the neck, the necklace is meant to bring joy and color to the person wearing it.

        Embellished with pearls, diamonds, sapphires and transparent aquamarine shaped as water droplets and positioned on both sides of the blue camellia, the amazing Chanel Camélia Baroque Necklace is nothing but a visual delight and an amazing way accessorizing a spring or summer outfit.

        The modernist approach that Coco Chanel brought to the fashion industry is what made the brand famous and the immortal design she gave to the Chanel suit for example is what makes her unforgettable.

        The Chanel Camélia Baroque Necklace is just another proof that genius combined with fine taste and fashion sense can result into exquisite jewelry desired by every connoisseur or jewelry lover in the world.

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