Chanel Camélia Earrings

        Specialized in creating luxury goods (haute couture, ready-to-wear, handbags, perfumery, cosmetics and jewelry), Chanel may as well be considered a complete brand. The House of Chanel offers luxurious and tasteful accessories no matter if you are searching for clothing, watches, bags or jewelry.

        The House of Chanel is an icon of elegance and the name “Chanel” is synonymous with elegance, wealth, and elitism. Chanel has influenced many young American or European designers because of her continuous struggle to create art using originality and simple perfection. The modernist approach that Coco Chanel brought to the fashion industry is what made the brand famous and the immortal design she gave to the Chanel suit for example is what makes her unforgettable.

        “The seeming simplicity of a masterpiece is sure proof of its grace” is what seems to be one of the guiding lines that have made Coco Chanel so good at what she did. In an unusual and unforgettable way she managed to transform the unnecessary opulence of the Belle Époque into elegant and simple beauty.

        The Chanel Camélia Earrings are a proof of the quote mentioned above and even though their simplicity is obvious, these earrings are definitely eye-catching. The Camélia flower is what inspired Coco Chanel into creating this unique and exquisite piece of art and as Camélia was her favorite flower, it also became more like a signature of the House of Chanel.

        The Chanel Camélia Earrings can be worn either alone or accompanied by the other amazing Camélia inspired accessories such as necklaces, rings, bracelets or pendants all having in common the purity, innocence and elegance given by the source of inspiration.

        The luxurious interpretation of the flower is made of white agate and is set on a delicate 18 carats gold frame. In order to create perfection and prove great attention to detail, the beautiful flower was added a leaf made of white gold and embellished whit gorgeous, delicate, brilliant cut diamonds.

        If you are searching for sensuality and a mysterious air, the House of Chanel offers the possibility of acquiring the Chanel Camélia Earrings in a black version, depending on taste.

        The Chanel Camélia Earrings prove perfect roundness and symmetry, both gathered in a symbol of elegance and femininity that any woman will definitely find irresistible.

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