Chanel Camellia Tweed Necklace

        Mademoiselle Chanel was a love lover and her unusual and unconstrained life style was also reflected in her works. She saw life as a continuous battle and was not afraid of experiencing and expressing her way of thinking and her unique fashion taste.

        The Chanel jewelry has the advantage of being fluid, light, transparent, emanating icy and intense femininity, all gathered into precious works of art so appreciated by all Chanel lovers or jewelry connoisseurs.

        The jewelry created by the House of Chanel is inspired not only by the unique symbols and legendary stories of Coco Chanel but also by the passionate and delicate movements of the body all crafted from diamonds, gold, pearls and precious stones.

        Immortal beauty as the one existing in every piece produced by the House of Chanel is guaranteed to last for decades, as style never goes out of fashion. The items capable of proving this cause are the Chanel suit or the “little black dress” that managed to last and still be fashionable after for more than a century.

        The Chanel Camellia Tweed Necklace is an important piece in the Chanel Fine Jewelry Collection. The impressively beautiful necklace that also comes with matching earrings, rings or bracelets manages to perfectly embody an encounter between two people. It is amazing how the materials and precious stones mingle and the classic black and white combination is the detail that brings the touch of the famous Chanel extravagant but unique elegance. Even though the theme of camellias was frequently used by the brand, is seems to always amaze the audience.

        The Chanel Camellia Tweed Necklace is crafted from white gold, embellished with an impressive number of 1031 brilliant cut diamonds weighting 12.5 carats and a 2.5 carats round-cut diamond in the middle, combined with 614 beautiful black diamonds weighting 7.5 carats and 456 not easy to find white cultured pearls.

        The Chanel Camellia Tweed Necklace is the result of hard work, creativity and attention to detail. Considering the fact that only one diamond chain needed ten months to be crafted, it is understandable that the price is not really accessible.

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