Chanel Haute Jewellery Brooch

        The modernist approach that Coco Chanel brought to the fashion industry is what made the brand famous and the immortal design she gave to the Chanel suit for example is what makes her unforgettable.

        The talented designer worshiped simplicity and quotes such as: “The seeming simplicity of a masterpiece is sure proof of its grace” or “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” still manage to guide designers all over the world. Coco Chanel invested all her life into what is today the most famous and luxurious brand in the world and all her hard work was reworded with the infinite love she received.

        Coco Chanel, the woman held responsible for the great success of the House of Chanel remained in history as a fashion icon that proved how useless was the opulence of the Belle Époque and replaced it with the famous and stylish Coco Chanel suit. The same simple and elegant approach is also valid in the case of jewelry, pieces of art representing taste and elegance in exquisite shapes and having creativity written all over them.

        Every respected brand designing jewelry has of course an Haute Joaillerie Collection gathering the most exquisite and impressive pieces of jewelry ever created by them. As Chanel is not only a part of the list of respected brands but also the number one, the Haute Joaillerie Collection could not miss.

        The Haute Joaillerie Brooch is the one of the most stunning and eye-catching objects joining the collection. Launched in 2008, this splendid wonder of blue and silvery shades proves complex, creative and technical design.

        Made of white gold and embellished with translucent blue lacquer, Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds, the Haute Joaillerie Brooch has a value difficult to estimate because of the centered Paraiba tourmaline weighting 38 carats and the one thousand diamonds, each having a different dimension and cut.

        The Haute Joaillerie Brooch is embellished with one of the most rare and precious stones in the world. The Paraiba tourmaline was discovered in 1989 and since then, every respected brand is using it. Its value depends on how many carats the stone has, and considering the case of the one used in crafting the stunning Chanel Haute Joaillerie Brooch, the stone itself should be considered a piece of art.

        There is no doubt the Haute Joaillerie Brooch deserves its place in this special collection and no matter if we are talking about a connoisseur or just a jewelry lover, they will all definitely agree with this.

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