Chanel Perles et Rubans Necklace

        Even though the House of Chanel was practically owned by Pierre Wertheimer, Coco Chanel’ business partner and as it seems also her lover, who maid the brand famous all over the world was definitely Coco Chanel. Her creativity and non-conformism changed the 1920s fashion and convinced women that opulence is not the answer. The casual clothing created by the talented designer immediately became a must-have to every woman.

        Chanel dominated the Paris fashion world because of her amazing but simple designs and at the height of her career was running four business enterprises: a fashion house, a textile business, perfume laboratories and a workshop for costume jewelry, that altogether employed 3,500 workers.

        The main attraction of the House of Chanel and the product that made Coco a millionaire was the “Chanel No. 5” perfume. The person that inspired her into calling it simply “Chanel No. 5” was a fortune-teller that told her five was her lucky number, and that seems to have been true as the perfume was a huge success from 1922, the year it was launched. Nowadays, “Chanel No. 5” is still on the list of women favorite perfume as the fragrance is definitely irresistible.

        Even though know for her suits, the amazingly elegant “little black dress”, the pea jackets or the bell-bottom pants, Coco Chanel also created costume jewelry and perfumes. Just as expected, the pieces of jewelry she created were elegant, classy, fashionable, elegant and immortal. One such piece is the “Perles et Rubans” necklace.

        The “Perles et Rubans” necklace is a proof of one of Mademoiselle Chanel’s credo and that is: “My jewelry is elegant like a ribbon around the finger”. The amazing and at the time it was launched, innovative pearl necklace, is set on 18 carats gold and consists of three chains of different dimensions.

        The impressive number of veritable pearls used in manufacturing this beautiful necklace is of 279, each having a diameter of 8 to 10.5 mm.
What also inspires the name of the necklace, “Perles et Rubans”, is the ribbon that ends the necklace and that is crafted of 18 carats gold and is embellished with 502 brilliant cut diamonds.

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