Chanel San Marco Brooch

        Chanel dominated the Paris fashion world because of her amazing but simple designs and at the height of her career was running four business enterprises: a fashion house, a textile business, perfume laboratories and a workshop for costume jewelry, that altogether employed 3,500 workers.

        The jewelry created by the House of Chanel is inspired not only by the unique symbols and legendary stories of Coco Chanel but also by the passionate and delicate movements of the body all crafted from diamonds, gold, pearls and precious stones.

        The modernist approach that Coco Chanel brought to the fashion industry is what made the brand famous and the immortal design she gave to the Chanel suit for example is what makes her unforgettable.

        Immortal beauty as the one existing in every piece produced by the House of Chanel is guaranteed to last for decades, as style never goes out of fashion. The items capable of proving this cause are the Chanel suit or the “little black dress” that managed to last and still be fashionable after for more than a century.

        The stunning San Marco Brooch inspired by Venice and the cross of Malta is not only an amazing accessory characterized by elegance and refinement but also a delightful embodiment of Mademoiselle Chanel’s impressive creativity and boldness.

        By combining history and romance, given by the Venitian air with precious materials such as white or yellow gold, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, the House of Chanel managed to transform ancient art into a fashionable but classic piece of jewelry.

        The colorful an ingenious combination of gemstones meant to imitate the cross of Malta is what makes the brooch eye-catching. The lovely sapphires and emeralds forming the cross look like an ancient strained-glass window and the cross is in this case seen as a symbol of luck.

        Symbolizing her legendary life, every piece of jewelry created by the talented and extravagant designer that was Coco Chanel as well as the San Marco Brooch, represents a place she visited, a person she knew or a flower, places and things that impressed her, unforgettable moments and feelings that with hard work and a great amount of creativity she managed to transform into eternity.

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