Chanel Ultra Cuff Bracelet

        Famous for the exquisite taste and the simple but elegant designs, the House of Chanel managed to create a world wide known brand by using high quality materials and proving an immense devotion to exclusiveness and imagination.

        Coco Chanel, the woman held responsible for this great success remained in history as a fashion icon that proved how useless was the opulence of the Belle Époque and replaced it with the famous and stylish Coco Chanel suit.

        The talented designer worshiped simplicity and quotes such as: “The seeming simplicity of a masterpiece is sure proof of its grace” or “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” still manage to guide designers all over the world. Coco Chanel invested all her life into what is today the most famous and luxurious brand in the world and all her hard work was reworded with the infinite love she received.

        The credo of Mademoiselle Chanel suggesting that simplicity is the key to a successful outfit has been maintained alive by the brand and a great example proving all the above is the New Chanel Ultra Cuff Bracelet.

        A combination of the immortal and most elegant color, back, white gold and precious diamonds is the best way of embellishing any wrist. The perfect contrast of the element, for example the precious diamonds and the black ceramic turns the New Chanel Ultra Cuff Bracelet in a timeless, whished-for and unique accessory.

        The well-known Chanel classiness is what represents every piece created by them and the New Chanel Ultra Cuff Bracelet manages to bring the classic, stylish concept of simplicity along with innovation into what we could call the most gorgeous member of the Chanel Ultra Collection.

        The creative designs and unexpected materials mixed with the innovative and clean lines result into a trendy but elegant accessory emanating style and attitude. This tribute to Coco Chanel perfectly expresses all her beliefs and proves that what she use to say about combining something cheap with something expensive and still have a luxurious look was definitely true.

        The New Chanel Ultra Cuff Bracelet is made of ceramic ended by two diamond borders set in 18 carats white gold. This enchanting accessory is available in every Chanel boutique and will definitely bring class and elegance to any wrist.

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