Dicha Ava Necklace

        A fascinating success story, which bears a name that, means bliss and joy, Dicha, is a relatively newcomer of the elitist world of today fashion industry, oriented towards designing amazing accessories which masterfully blend style, sophistication and femininity, and which conquered the hearts of many fashion enthusiasts, all over the world.

        A genuine clash between two creative minds – those of the young designers, Chantal Laren and Diane Metta, Dicha, is a brand, which built a well-establish reputation among the day’s fashion enthusiasts, through creating impressive lines, which masterfully blend the custom and fine jewelry styles, in order to bring to the market unique artistic expression.

        Surely, a fashion enthusiast will know by now, that Dicha stands, among the world’s appreciated trendsetters, as a reincarnation of the vintage charm and feminine seductiveness, all brought to date, by the brand’s visionary creators.

        However, a fashion enthusiast would like to know that, in 2009, Dicha launched its first accessories collection, entitled Dicha Decades, which comprised captivating models, inspired by the continuous changes, which occur, through the decades within the fashion trends and the people who follow them. Mixing exotic stones, original materials, and an ardent creativity, the two enthusiast designers behind Dicha, managed to bring to life delightful pieces, endowed with a strong vintage charm, yet fresh and modern.

        Therefore, in the following article we are going to present to you a superb model of the 2010-2011 Dicha jewelry line, the superb Dicha Ava Necklace, which will surely bring a plus of bohemian charm to any fashionable outfit.

        The model comprises a strand of large white beads, intercalated with tiny turquoise beads, which is secured to the neck with a crystal-embellished clasp; the model features an interesting silver-tone floral detail, embellished with a turquoise cabochon and white glittering faux-diamonds. Moreover, the silver-tone metallic decoration sustains two delicate strands of tiny onyx beads, which incorporate a small central turquoise bead, and end with a white large bead.

        A subtle plus of seductiveness and femininity for a modern charismatic woman, the eye-catching Dicha Ava Necklace, would probably cost somewhere around $1,400.00, and it surely looks delightful, as we can see below, with an Adam dress, Dicha bracelet, Nancy Gonzales clutch, and stylish black shoes from Christian Louboutin.

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