Dicha Carla Necklace

        A relatively newcomer to the contemporary glamorous catwalks, Dicha, a brand, with a Spanish name, that means joy and bliss, is the master creation of two enthusiast designers named, Chantal Laren and Diane Metta, two audacious women, who brought to life an entirely new type of accessory, set at the thin line between custom and fine jewelry.

        Joined by the desire of bringing to life a fashionable product, which pays great attention to the fine blend of textures, and materials, but also approaches a complex thematic, which transcends trends, and bridges generations, the two designers aim to create an expressive style relevant for the most fashionable gatherings of the moment.

        An already well-known presence among the respected trendsetters of the luxury goods industry, Dicha started to be synonymous, for many fashion enthusiasts, with an unmistakable style, elegance and distinction, rooted in the delightful femininity of the vintage jewelries.

        Therefore, it is noteworthy to mention that the youthful brand launched its very first accessories line in 2009 and, that it was entitled Dicha Decades, as a tribute to the powerful stylistic influences of the past, a recurrent theme in the work of the two designers.

        Furthermore, for 2010-2011, the brand presented another superb line, created in the same feminine, glamorous style, defined by an audacious up-to-date interpretation of the vintage charm, and the sophisticated Dicha Carla Necklace – Tan 1970s Stone Bead Necklace, we are going to present to you in the following article is a great example of the brand’s creative direction.

        A superb model, the sophisticated Dicha Carla Necklace – Tan 1970s Stone Bead Necklace reveals a large strand of tan stone beads, combined tiny Labradorite beads, and bronze filigree, central disc decorated with glittering white faux-diamonds. Moreover, the model is secured to the neck with a crystal-embellished fastening clasp.

        Definitely a great accessory, bound to bring a plus of style and individuality to any fashionable bohemian outfit, the superb Dicha Carla Necklace – Tan 1970s Stone Bead Necklace, will probably cost somewhere around $1,300.00.

        However, if you are not yet convinced to buy this superb, Dicha Carla Necklace – Tan 1970s Stone Bead Necklace, below you can admire the eye-catching piece, combined with a beautiful Diane von Furstenberg dress, Giles & Brother bracelets, Chloé clutch, and Musa shoes.

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