Dicha Marianna Necklace

        The master achievement of two enthusiast friends, and fellow designers, who shared the same creative goals and vision, Chantal Laren and her partner Diane Metta, Dicha is a relatively newcomer to the exclusive world of the luxury goods industry, internationally known for its remarkable vintage-inspired glamorous lines.

        Bearing a name, which comes from the Spanish noun meaning happiness, bliss and joy, the sophisticated creations, signed Dicha conquered the hearts of many worldwide fashion enthusiasts, due to their thematic richness, and complex intertwinement between custom and fine jewelry detailing.

        A brand, which strives to earn a place among the most, respected trendsetters of this elitist industry, Dicha brought, with every new collection, a revolutionary approach to accessories design, which although combines up-to-date trendy colors, stones and metals, it still preserves something of the seductive femininity of vintage jewelries.

        Probably, a curious fan of the brand, would like to know, that the first line, signed by Dicha, was called Dicha Decades, a name, which paid tribute to the brand’s efforts to create stylistic bridges, between generations, and to bring into fashion the feminine charming accessories that individualized the outfits of our mothers and grandmothers.

        Nevertheless, far from being out-of-date or fashion, the superb vintage-inspired creations of the brand, playfully merge colorful stones, crystals, and metals, which bring, to the daring modern women, a unique fashion statement, bound to make her the center of attention.

        Therefore, the new Dicha Marianna Necklace, we are going to present to you in the following article, is a great example of the designer’s mastery and creative passion; it beautifully combines, yellow-gold-toned chains and links, with turquoise beads, which sustain a Victorian inspired cameo adornment, which at its turn sustains two crystal strands, and a tassel with turquoise bead drops.

        Furthermore, the model is secured to the delicate neck of a lady with a stylish faux-pearl fastening clasp, and it will surely bring a plus of bohemian charm to any outfit; in addition, it will be available for an approximate price of $1,300.00.

        However, if you aren’t yet convinced to bring this remarkable piece at home, below you can see it in a superb combination with a Tibi dress, Jimmy Choo bag and Musa shoes.

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