Dicha Tatiana Turquoise and Diamanté Earrings

        A fresh new presence, which this year, rocked the glamorous prêt-a-porte salons all over the world, Dicha, a name, which comes from the Spanish word for bliss and happiness, is a youthful member of the elitist luxury goods industry, which imposed its own sophisticated style, defined by unmatched femininity and sophistication.

        Created through the efforts two young ambitious designers Chantal Laren and her partner Diane Metta, Dicha is a well-known accessories manufacturing brand, which in a rather short existence, conquered the hearts of many fashion enthusiasts worldwide, through a complex style that blends themes, colors and materials in order to satisfy the demanding ladies of the 21st century.

         It is noteworthy to mention that, among the most distinguished social gatherings of the world’s fashion capitals, Dicha is a name synonymous, with vintage-inspired, sophisticated accessories, endowed with a particular type of glamour and feminine seductiveness, rooted in the past but also fresh and modern.

        Nevertheless, a fashion impassionate, would like to know, that the brand gained international acknowledgment, through its first accessories collection launched in 2009. Titled Dicha Decades, a name that symbolizes a style bridge through the years, Dicha Decades harmoniously blends the old and new themes and details in order to bring to life amazing accessories, which express the powerful individuality of the 21st century woman.

        Therefore, the superb Dicha Tatiana Turquoise and Diamanté Earrings, we are going to present to you in the following article make a great example of Dicha’s creativity and unmistakable style, best expressed in the new 2010-2011 collection.

        Especially designed for priced ears, the new Dicha Tatiana Turquoise and Diamanté Earrings feature a hook fastening; nicely sculpted from a silver-tone metal, the model reveals, at a closer look, an interesting aged finish, and the eye-catching glitter of faux-diamond embellishments, which make a nice contrast against the turquoise drop.

        A fabulous addition to any fashionable outfit, bound to bring a plus of vintage charm, the superb Dicha Tatiana Turquoise and Diamanté Earrings, will probably conquer the hearts of many modern women, and will be available for an approximate price of $500.00.

Dicha Tatiana Turquoise and Diamanté Earrings Pictures

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