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Mimioui by Christian Dior

        ‘Mimioui’, another contrast created by Victoire de Castellane, perfectly combines the suppleness of the chain with the strength of the diamond. This delicate and romantic everyday jewel, created on a concept named ‘lingerie’ because of the size that allows the buyer to wear it even under other pieces of jewelry, is made of 18k white gold weighting 1,20 grams, is embellished with a 0,14 carat diamond.

Dior Reines et Rois

        The collection ‘Reines et Rois’ gathers pendants representing kings and rings representing their queens, built around skulls that smile seductively and joyful to one another, covered in diamonds, pearls and other precious stones.
The collection could have easily passed from gorgeous and extravagant to kitsch or even ridiculous but, considering the fact that the person behind this work of art is Victoire de Castellane, the collection was nothing but a great success.

Dior Milly Carnivora Collection

        The ‘Milly Carnivora’ collection gathers several pieces of art, such as: the Ancolia rings and earrings, the Mangatus Orange Réglisse rings, the Mangatus Pistache Fraise rings, the Epinosa Diamants rings and earrings, the Epinosa Verte rings and earrings, the Egratigna Angélique rings and earrings, the Egratigna Chipie rings and earrings and the Poisonus rings and earrings, all having the same theme and representing an explosion of color that brings joy only by looking at it.

Gourmette de Dior

        The “Gourmette de Dior” ring, along with the necklaces, bracelets or earrings come in two different versions: one in 18k white gold and one in 18k yellow gold. Depending on the item, the pieces of jewelry are also embellished with diamonds and other decorative materials. The latest “Gourmette de Dior” line gathers beautiful, luxurious, elegant and sensual pieces of art.

Dior Bracelet Fiancée du Vampire

        “Fiancée du Vampire”, the astonishing and meticulously manufactured bracelet, is a rose that perfectly dresses the wrist, embellished with diamonds and precious sapphires. What makes the bracelet so similar to a rose are the small leaves made of diamonds and the red rose bud made of sapphire. The color of the bud offers a certain air of mystery and sobriety, some sort of evil beauty that just makes it irresistible.

Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection

        Victoire de Castellane, the designer that managed to give an air of freshness to the House of Dior, known for the way in which she joggles with simplicity, color, shape or size, has caught again the public’s attention by launching the latest Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection. The obvious love for color and joy that Victoire de Castellane has proven is also present in the latest Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection.

Dior Précieuses Rose Collier

        The star of the ‘Bois de Rose’ collection is without doubt, the ‘Précieuses Rose’ Collier. The name perfectly defines its aspect and the precious stones used in manufacturing it make the collier even more precious.
The white gold that gives the collier an air of elegance and purity, roses made of pink sapphires symbolizing love, green leaves made of emeralds and diamonds, come together into a precious work of art emanating femininity and elegance.

Christian Dior Oui Ring

        The rings belonging to the ‘Oui’ collection come not only in two versions of gold but also in several versions when it comes to the type of stone used. In order to give a more joyful air to the collection, Victoire de Castellane decided to let the buyer choose either a normal diamond or colorful stones: ‘My ‘oui’ ring, in gold script handwriting, is now set with coloured stones. I want jewellery to be extravagant, colorful, fanciful, feminine and sometimes childlike.’

Dior Pink Shell Ring

        The ‘Pink Shell’ ring underlines once again the creativity and fascination to detail that Victoire de Castellane is capable of. The joyful colored diamonds and the violet sapphires, fitting the exterior color of the ring, are perfect for a woman in reach of romantic accessory.

Dior Diorette collection

        Another amazing collection is the latest Dior Diorette collection that, even though it doesn’t mach every outfit, it sure does match the latest trends. Rings are a must, they never go out of fashion and in order to complete a perfect look, every woman should wear one. The Dior Diorette collection has managed not only to pass from stunning to sublime but also to use color along with other items such as daisies or ladybugs in a way in which they became ageless.

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