Christian Dior Oui Ring

        ‘Oui’ is more than a collection, ‘Oui’, is the a promises between lovers, a commitment, a precious gift that screams ‘I do!’ or just a big ‘Yes’ said to the world and life. The collection, created of course by Victoire de Castellane gathers several pieces such as necklaces, rings or even phone accessories all wearing the same message: ‘Oui’.
Every Dior collection is a beautiful shock and ‘Oui’ does no exception. This collection makes you think of the brand as being romantic, whimsical, amazing, tasteful, luxurious or extravagant.

        Considering the message engraved on every piece of jewelry, even if the collection gathers also necklaces or accessories, the ring is by far the most romantic and suggestive one. There is no better way to take such an important step than with a ring that that reminds you every day not only of that moment but also what was it that you said.

        Crafted from 18k white or yellow gold, the ‘Oui’ ring features a charming diamond that will definitely captivate those admiring it. The word ‘Oui’ is written in white or yellow gold depending on each buyer’s taste and the 0,05 carat brilliant cut diamond punctuates the ‘i’.

        The rings belonging to the ‘Oui’ collection come not only in two versions of gold but also in several versions when it comes to the type of stone used. In order to give a more joyful air to the collection, Victoire de Castellane decided to let the buyer choose either a normal diamond or colorful stones: ‘My ‘oui’ ring, in gold script handwriting, is now set with coloured stones. I want jewellery to be extravagant, colorful, fanciful, feminine and sometimes childlike.’

        Even though the message is so simple and the model not very complicated or complex, the ‘Oui” ring says it all. Romance and true feelings gathered in an easy way of expressing them, even for those more realistic individuals. A simple and elegant way of asking that gives off a greater and more profound meaning to such a simple word like ‘yes’.

        The ‘Oui’ ring, even though it is thought that costume jewelry is the most affordable version of fine jewelry, has a price of $625. The ring might be a little expensive but considering the appearance, message and impact it could have, the ‘Oui’ ring is definitely worth it.

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