Dior Bracelet Fiancée du Vampire

        Christian Dior, another talented designer that had no training in the fashion area and that decided, after he majored in political science, to choose his own path in life and not the one his father wanted. His impressive career began with an apprenticeship with the respected French designer, Robert Piguet and the person that helped Dior in launching his own business, by financing his project, was Marcel Broussac.

        Nowadays, besides impressive clothing and watch collections such as Dior Cannage, Dior Gaucho, Dior Rebelle, Dior Vintage Traveler, Dior Christal Watch or Diorissimo, the famous House of Christian Dior takes great pride in the amazing lines of jewelry created over the years, such as Diorette, Excentriques, Gourmette de Dior, Oui, Coeur Leger, Milly-la-Foret, Couture or Fiancee du Vampire.

        Every line created by Victoire de Castellane, the designer in charge of giving life to these pieces of art, has its own personality and of course, story. La “Fiancée du Vampire” embodies the love story between a vampire and a young woman, a story meant to last forever. The astonishing bracelet “Fiancée du Vampire” perfectly reproduces, not only the beauty and purity of their love, but also the sadness brought by the differences impeding them to consume their love.

        The poetic and mysterious love story embodied by the “Fiancée du Vampire” bracelet is made of pure white gold, diamonds and sapphires. The theme of the bracelet remains the same as in the case of “Précieuses Rose” and the fabled love of flowers and gardening that Christian Dior was definitely a source of inspiration for Victoire de Castellane.

        “Fiancée du Vampire”, the astonishing and meticulously manufactured bracelet, is a rose that perfectly dresses the wrist, embellished with diamonds and precious sapphires. What makes the bracelet so similar to a rose are the small leaves made of diamonds and the red rose bud made of sapphire. The color of the bud offers a certain air of mystery and sobriety, some sort of evil beauty that just makes it irresistible.

        The combination between diamonds that inspire purity and the red sapphire that makes us think of blood, and the perfect contrast of the two precious stones, is what makes the “Fiancée du Vampire” unique, luxurious, mysterious and most of all, irresistible.

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