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        Christian Dior amazed every fashion lover with his first collection: the ‘New Look Collection’. An exquisite collection defined by refinement and opulence that remained popular even after 25 years, as a proof that real beauty and style can last in time.

        After the great success the collection had, Christian Dior passed to another level and started transforming dresses into actual jewelry. The transformation not only that had great success among celebrities such as Betty Davis, Lucille Ball or even the fashion icon Jacqueline Kennedy, but also led the brand into another market, that of jewelry. Some of the finest designers have worked for the House of Dior and names such as Henry Schreiner, Yves Saint Laurent, including Mitchell Maer, Kramer, Henkel & Grosse, Josette Gripoix or Robert Goossens have managed to transform the brand into a complete one.

        Being synonymous with elegance and class ever since it was launched on the market, the House of Christian Dior is also known as a daring trendsetter. It was the first brand that used the beauty of nature and transformed it into pieces of jewelry. The ‘aurora borealis’ rhinestones, made from rock crystal, are treated to reflect the flashes of color and are very similar to opals.

        Another amazing collection is the latest Dior Diorette collection that, even though it doesn’t mach every outfit, it sure does match the latest trends. Rings are a must, they never go out of fashion and in order to complete a perfect look, every woman should wear one. The Dior Diorette collection has managed not only to pass from stunning to sublime but also to use color along with other items such as daisies or ladybugs in a way in which they became ageless. The Dior Diorette collection transforms daisies, such a fragile symbol of innocence and purity, into an immortal accessory.

        The Dior Diorette collection gathers seven pieces of art, all having the same theme and representing an explosion of color that brings joy only by looking at it. Even though the theme is the same, each ring has its own color theme that comes to match any taste.

        Sapphires, diamonds, white or yellow gold, enamel, citrine, pink sapphire, amethyst, mandarin garnet, tsavorite, lacquer, aquamarine, yellow sapphire, exquisite manufacturing and a Dior logo, that’s all it took for the Dior Diorette collection to became perfect.

        Even though the Dior Diorette collection is not exactly affordable for any pocket and the prices vary from $1050.00 to $7700.00, it is definitely one of the most cheerful ever created by Christian Dior and if you are thinking of making a gift this season and you can afford one of these pieces of art, don’t hesitate to choose it.

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