Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection

        Christian Dior, the amazing fashion icon that gave birth to the House of Dior, got his inspiration from nature, butterflies, Hollywood dancers or actors, cartoons or even Japanese miniatures. From the grandiose collections of Victoire de Castellan, the designer in charge of maintaining alive the Dior spirit, we may see that those themes, even though given a personal touch, have remained mostly untouched.

        Just as in the case of haute couture lines created by the House of Dior, the jewelry lines created by the respected brand addresses to those women looking for an exquisite piece of art characterized by uniqueness.

        Victoire de Castellane, the designer that managed to give an air of freshness to the House of Dior, known for the way in which she joggles with simplicity, color, shape or size, has caught again the public’s attention by launching the latest Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection.

        The new Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection brings the insolence of a modern ‘elegant’ and the boldness offered by the oversized stones used. These works of art did challenge the limits of craftsmanship but, considering the reputation the House of Dior has, the collection couldn’t have been nothing but perfect.

        Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection, inspired of course by the Easter traditions, will definitely make you think about chocolate or the traditional colorful eggs. Just as those traditions, the Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection was designed to last forever.

        The obvious love for color and joy that Victoire de Castellane has proven is also present in the latest Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection. Just as in the case of ‘Diorette’, themes involving animals or flowers are present, themes that are able to bring out the child from the one wearing them.

        The latest Dior Joaillerie Easter Collection is the living proof of the unlimited imagination of Victoire de Castellane and the boldness this amazing designer has when it comes to color: ‘I love colored gems, they are attract like candies. I almost want to swallow them.’

        It is impressive how colors can combine in creating an accessory that can bring joy only by looking at it. Precious stones like diamonds, fire opals, tourmaline, garnets and sapphires, embellish the small animal figurines, transforming these extravagant and unique jewelry in very worthy pieces of art.

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