Dior Pink Shell Ring

        The ‘Coffret de Victoire’ Collection launched around Easter, is definitely one of the most spectacular collections created by the Dior Fine Jewelry designer, Victoire de Castellane. The collection gathers not only exquisite designs but also the finest gems, ores and materials that can be used in crafting these pieces of art.

        Victoire de Castellane, the ex costume jewelry designer of the House of Chanel, keeps on shocking the audience ever since 1998, when she launched her first collection, not only for her as an employee of the brand, but also the jewelry collection launched by Dior.

        The ‘Coffret de Victoire’ Collection created by designer Victoire de Castellane includes rings with skulls, cameo rings, floral rings and even a food dog on a pillow as well as an anglerfish.

        The well-known affinity the designer has for huge, colored stones as well as oversized jewels couldn’t have missed from the ‘Coffret de Victoire’ Collection. The collection, gathers several pieces of fine jewelry that manage to mix innovation, unusual materials and fine art.

        Even though every piece is unique and has as all the other pieces created by Victoire de Castellane, its own story, the main attraction of the ‘Coffret de Victoire’ Collection is the ‘Pink Shell’ ring. This amazing piece of jewelry that makes us think about fairy tales and poetic settings, is a tribute meant to remember us how stunning and perplexing the world we live in really is.

        This beautiful adaptation of the Little Mermaid’s engagement ring, as it seems, is an astonishing mixture between the pure white shell and the warm pink nuances on the exterior that, along with the exquisite and meticulous design, come to create an item every woman would find irresistible.

        The ‘Pink Shell’ ring, just as the name suggests, is manufactured from pink shell set in 18k white gold and embellished with several precious stones such as diamonds or purple sapphires.

        The ‘Pink Shell’ ring underlines once again the creativity and fascination to detail that Victoire de Castellane is capable of. The joyful colored diamonds and the violet sapphires, fitting the exterior color of the ring, are perfect for a woman in reach of romantic accessory but, even though every woman dreams of having a Pink Shell ring, judging by its appearance, the cost will not fit every pocket.

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