Dior Reines et Rois

        Being synonymous with elegance and class ever since it was launched on the market, the House of Christian Dior is also known as a daring trendsetter. It was the first brand that used the beauty of nature and transformed it into pieces of jewelry. The ‘aurora borealis’ rhinestones, made from rock crystal, are treated to reflect the flashes of color and are very similar to opals.

        Victoire de Castellane, the woman that brought even more boldness to the House of Dior is also the person behind the latest ‘Reines et Rois’ collection. This extravagant collection manages to combine a great deal of ‘joie de vivre’ with a more severe not that can somehow appear as morbid.

        The collection ‘Reines et Rois’ gathers pendants representing kings and rings representing their queens, built around skulls that smile seductively and joyful to one another, covered in diamonds, pearls and other precious stones.
The collection could have easily passed from gorgeous and extravagant to kitsch or even ridiculous but, considering the fact that the person behind this work of art is Victoire de Castellane, the collection was nothing but a great success.

        This amazing designer never stops from shocking the audience. From the ‘Fiancée du Vampire’, a line embodying morbidity but that at the same time sends a delightful and romantic message to the joyful explosions of color of Milly Carnivora, Milly-la-Forêt or Incroyables & Merveilleuses.

        The ‘Reines et Rois’ collection was launched last summer and includes ten couples of kings and queens that mysteriously smile to one another in this new life given by Victoire de Castellane.

        Every ring or pendant is named after the precious stone used in creating every skull, so, the ‘Reines et Rois’ collection gathers names such as: Reine de Jadélénie, Roi d’Opalie, Reine de Chrysoprasie, Roi d’Obsidienne or Reine de Jaspe.
After you get used to the unusual theme used, the skulls, you get to observe the elaborate and meticulous execution that forced the Dior workshops to rediscover the oldest pavement technique in order to create the ‘Reines et Rois’ collection.

        The success of the ‘Reines et Rois’ is also given by the morbid desire that people have developed nowadays, one that makes them prefer skulls against hearts or any other love symbol.

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