Gourmette de Dior

        Every line created by Victoire de Castellane, the designer in charge of giving life to these pieces of art, has its own personality and of course, story. This amazing designer never stops from shocking the audience. From the ‘Fiancée du Vampire’, a line embodying morbidity but that at the same time sends a delightful and romantic message to the joyful explosions of color of Milly Carnivora, Milly-la-Forêt or Incroyables & Merveilleuses.

        Now, after so many successful collections that have enchanted our eyes, Victoire de Castellane once again manages to amaze all Dior lovers by launching the “Gourmette de Dior” line.

        Known for the unusual way of passing from sobriety to juicy romance, from simplicity to the most complicated or colorful pieces of jewelry, Victoire de Castellane created what every woman dreams about. A ring that denotes love, commitment, all this in a very romantic shape, a chain of interlocking rings engraved with a unique serial number.

        The idea of the ring came from a French popular tradition saying that every newborn baby has to receive a Gourmette bracelet engraved with his date of birth. The is seen as a symbol of family love and it is meant to remember the one that wears it, all the joy the family felt the day he was born.

        The “Gourmette de Dior” ring, along with the necklaces, bracelets or earrings come in two different versions: one in 18k white gold and one in 18k yellow gold. Depending on the item, the pieces of jewelry are also embellished with diamonds and other decorative materials.

        The latest “Gourmette de Dior” line gathers beautiful, luxurious, elegant and sensual pieces of art. Besides all this qualities, the ring is also flexible and articulated making it very comfortable to wear. Having a gold weight of 13.80 grams the item can reach a price of $1,950.00.

        Just as in the case of haute couture signed by the House of Dior, the jewelry lines including the latest “Gourmette de Dior” are particularly created for those women seeking not only luxurious, tasteful designs but also exclusivity. The serial number engraved on every piece offers not only the warranty of being unique, but also a romantic manner of keeping memories close. The “Gourmette de Dior” line is definitely the perfect gift between lovers and what better moment than Valentine’s Day to offer it?

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