Mimioui by Christian Dior

        After the great success of the ‘New Look Collection’, Christian Dior passed to another level and started transforming dresses into actual jewelry. The transformation not only that had great success among celebrities such as Betty Davis, Lucille Ball or even the fashion icon Jacqueline Kennedy, but also led the brand into another market, that of jewelry. Some of the finest designers have worked for the House of Dior and names such as Henry Schreiner, Yves Saint Laurent, including Mitchell Maer, Kramer, Henkel & Grosse, Josette Gripoix or Robert Goossens have managed to transform the brand into a complete one.

        Just as in the case of haute couture lines created by the House of Dior, the jewelry lines created by the respected brand addresses to those women looking for an exquisite piece of art characterized by uniqueness.

        Victoire de Castellane, the designer that managed to give an air of freshness to the House of Dior, known for the way in which she joggles with simplicity, color, shape or size, launched a new collection that if brought in comparison with ”Reines et Rois” for example, seems to be created by a whole different person.

        ‘Mimioui’, the concretization of Victoire de Castellane’s wish of creating the world’s smallest ring, has gathered other impressive and unforgettable lines such as: Coquine, Diorette, Gourmette de Dior, Milly Carnivora or Reines et Rois.

        ‘Mimioui’, another contrast created by Victoire de Castellane, perfectly combines the suppleness of the chain with the strength of the diamond. This delicate and romantic everyday jewel, created on a concept named ‘lingerie’ because of the size that allows the buyer to wear it even under other pieces of jewelry, is made of 18k white gold weighting 1,20 grams, is embellished with a 0,14 carat diamond and has a price of $370,00.

        ‘Mimioui’ is definitely the perfect choice for those women that prefer less extravagant jewelry and it can be worn at any time or any kind of clothing and is defined by delicacy and refinement. The ‘Mimioui’ ring has some sort of subtle expressiveness that, in spite of its small size, will certainly not pass unnoticed.

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